Research Programs

Tsinghua University  diligently focuses on addressing the challenges faced by both Chinese and  global societies by developing competitive and creative solutions, enhancing  research efforts on strategic and global issues, and aiming for topics with  significant prospective importance.  As  part of these efforts, Tsinghua actively engages in Asian/African/Latin  American studies, and carries out mid- and long-term strategic studies on key  issues of human societies. Furthermore, Tsinghua actively promotes the creation  and development of platforms for global research collaborations.

Tsinghua’s  R&D projects help creating a solid foundation for conducting high-level  scientific research, cultivating high-quality talents, and supporting  cutting-edge academic developments. National science and technology programs  (including special projects and funds) are the main source of Tsinghua’s research  projects and funding.

In 2017,  Tsinghua took charge of 29 projects among the second batch of the new National  Key Research and Development Projects, and received 630 research projects sponsored  by the National Natural Science Foundation. In the same year, Tsinghua obtained  around 1400 additional research projects funded by central or regional governments  for various scientific and technological plans, and the total contract amount is  at around 3.1 billion RMB.

Additionally, in  2017, the faculty in the humanities departments received 735 projects with a  total funding of 200 million RMB, including 13 national social sciences key  projects and 3 key projects of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research  supported by the Ministry of Education.

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