Enterprise Partnerships

​Enterprise Partnerships

To speed up the process of converting technological achievements into productive capability, and to enhance support for the enterprise development, the University-Industry Cooperation Committee (UICC) of Tsinghua University was established in 1995, and the overseas-industry branch of this committee was then set up in 1996.
In recent years, UICC has significantly strengthened its collaboration and coordination with its members by further enhancing its services to them. As a result, it has helped to promote collaboration on setting-up key projects and constructing university-industry platforms.

As of March 2021, there are more than 150 domestic and over 40 overseas member institutions.

About UICC

        1. 1. Function

The main purpose of UICC is to speed up technology transfer, to promote industrialization of technological achievements and to strengthen Tsinghua University’s collaboration with domestic and overseas enterprises. Currently, UICC is jointly managed by Tsinghua University’s Domestic R&D Management Office and Overseas R&D Management Office.

        1. 2. Target membership

UICC is mainly focused on providing services for overseas enterprises and state-owned conglomerates that are leaders in pillar industries.

        1. 3. Services

Operating under a membership system, UICC provides services such as technological advice, educational support, and consultation services for its member enterprises.

Objectives of UICC

The goal of UICC is to:
› Strengthen Tsinghua University’s cooperation with enterprises in the areas of technology, working personnel and information exchange by taking advantage of resources within the university.
› Building platforms that integrate industry, education and research to promote the industrialization of high-tech achievements.
› Providing multi-dimensional, diversified services to assist enterprises in solving technological and managerial problems, and strengthening their innovation capability and market competitiveness.
› Serving as a bridge between domestic enterprises and their overseas counterparts to promote the exchanges of technology, working personnel and information.
› Accelerating subject development and talent cultivation within Tsinghua University, and strengthening its independent innovation capability.

Scope of services

Catering to the practical needs of enterprises, UICC provides one-stop, multi-dimensional and tailor-made services by utilizing Tsinghua University’s advantages in the following areas.

              1. 1. Information services

UICC provides its member enterprises with information about the academic research potential and capability within Tsinghua University, as well as information on development teams, new technology, new achievements, patents, activities in integrating industry, education and research, personnel training, etc.

              1. 2. Technology services

UICC organizes academicians, experts, professors and other key players in scientific research to provide services for its member enterprises in technology development, technological diagnostics, and technology management.

              1. 3. Talent services

UICC encourages Tsinghua University graduates to work as employees or interns in its member enterprises. It also provides opportunities for member enterprises’ personnel to conduct training, further education and research work on campus.

        1. 4. International collaboration

UICC helps keep its member enterprises updated about the latest technological achievements both at home and abroad, and provides assistance for their international collaboration.

        1. 5. Jointly establishing research institutions

UICC helps its member enterprises to establish joint research centers, institutes and laboratories. It also helps provide other special training programs for enterprises on an ad hoc basis.

        1. 6. Exchanges and visits

UICC organizes exchanges and visits between Tsinghua and its member enterprises, as well as among the member enterprises.

        1. 7. Meetings and conferences

UICC organizes annual meetings, academic seminars, symposiums and workshops for its member enterprises.

Member enterprises of the Committee

At present, the University-Industry Cooperation Committee (UICC) has more than 150 domestic members, such as the State Grid Corporation of China, China Mobile, Huawei, China Huaneng, COMAC, China FAW, Three Gorges Group, CITIC Group, Bank of China, China Merchants Group, etc. Besides them, it has over 40 overseas members, including some well-known multinational companies and institutions, such as Toyota, Microsoft, Intel, Hitachi, BP, Procter & Gamble, Nissan, KONE, Daikin, etc.

Strategic collaboration

1. Domestic collaboration
In recent years, the UICC has worked to establish strategic collaboration between Tsinghua University and national key enterprises. Strategic cooperation collaboration agreements have been signed with a number of key enterprises, which including China Electronics Corporation, COMAC, Sichuan Changhong, China Hydropower Engineering Consultant Group, China Dongfang Electric Corporation, China Huaneng Group, Datang Electric Group, China State Construction Engineering Corporation, Hainan Rubber Group, Capital Airport Holding Company, CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited, China Three Gorges Corporation, and SICHUAN RAILWAY INCEDTMENT GROUP CO., LTD, . New domestic members of the UICC signing membership agreements include China Telecom, China 22nd Metallurgic Group, Ningxia Pagoda Petrochemical Group, and Hainan Development Holdingetc.

2. International Collaboration
Based on partnerships with 110 of companies on the fortune 500 list, a diversified range of cooperation modes has been established, including joint research centers, corporate funds, contract research, technology licensing, and consultation. The overseas UICC family consists of over 40 MNCs, including Toyota, Siemens, P&G, Intel, Microsoft, Hitachi, Samsung, Toshiba, Boeing.


UICC emphasizes the importance of holding conferences on a regular basis. Such conferences offer an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and government officials to share information and exchange ideas on important scientific, technological and societal issues. These conferences are usually in the form of annual conferences or special forums on selected topics.

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