Local Partnerships

Local Partnerships

Since the establishment of the reform and opening-up policy, Tsinghua University has been actively engaging in the transformation of technological results. Carrying out technological collaboration with domestic local regions and providing support for national and regional economic development are an important component of not only Tsinghua’s technology transfer strategy, but also its commitment to providing social service through technology development.

University-region technological collaboration at Tsinghua University was initiated in the 1980s. In recent years, with the national development of western regions, the revitalization of north-east industrial bases, and the economic rise of the central regions, Tsinghua has been reinforcing its in-depth collaboration with these national strategic development regions, and further extending its program of university-region collaboration. The collaboration now includes strategic regional economic and social development, joint-cultivation of innovative talents, development of regional special industries and backbone industries, construction of innovation platforms, joint tackling of scientific and technological problems, and promotion of international collaboration.

Specific Modes of University-Region Collaboration

  1. 1) Driving industry-university research collaboration through projects

In recent years, the Domestic R&D Management Office has been actively promoting technology transfer of Tsinghua’s key research results to cooperative regions and enterprises. Scientific research projects provides great scientific and technological support for regional economic development, and has provided great social and economic benefits.

  1. 2) Establishing university-region scientific and technological collaboration funds

To better serve both national and regional economic development needs,, Tsinghua University has been actively integrating various resources to promote the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological results by setting up scientific and technological collaboration funds with regional governments in Wuxi, Hebei, Yunnan and Guangdong.

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