Student Outreach

Student Outreach

Tsinghua International Students & Scholars Center

  • The International Students & Scholars Center (ISSC) supports and serves international students and scholars throughout their Tsinghua experience. The center is a hub of information and resources for the international community, including for immigration and visas, residency, university services, campus life and cultural activities. ISSC aims to foster an inspired and dynamic international community to help every international student and scholar thrive at Tsinghua. The ISSC staff are dedicated to ensuring that the international student community is supported, nurtured and represented at Tsinghua.

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Center for Global Competence Development

  • Center for Global Competence Development was founded in April 2018, aiming to promote the integration of global competence into the whole process of talent cultivation and serve the global strategy of Tsinghua University. The so-called global competence includes six core qualities: world knowledge and global issues, language, openness and respect, communication and collaboration, self-awareness and confidence, and morality and responsibility. Since its establishment, the center has continuously built a high-level and professional global competence guidance and support system and achieved fruitful results.

Center for Student Learning and Development

  • Center for Student Learning and Development was founded in November 2019,aiming to provide professional guidance, consultation and support services for students' study and development. The goal of the center is to solve the problems of students' learning and development, expand students' learning ability, improve students' learning quality, integrate resources, innovate mechanisms, and promote the guidance of students' learning and development.

Center for Counseling and Psychological Development

  • Center for Counseling and Psychological Development is set up to help students to eliminate the troubles they encounter in their study, life or growth process andimprove their mental health. Through a series ofcounselingservices, the center reduces maladaptation caused by psychological problems, improves social adaptability and explores individual potential.

Career Development Center

  • Career Development Center at Tsinghua University was founded in 1988, aimingto implement national employment policies,enhance the employability of the graduates, help students plan their career, to provide vocational guidance and education. The center collect and publish the demand information of graduates,organize campus publicity andrecruitment activities, carry out employment consultation and guidance;To help graduates fully understand themselves and establish a correct view of career choice;To help students plan their career, to provide vocational guidance and education;Responsible for the signing of employment agreement, responsible for the dispatch of graduates.

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Student Service Center:

  • Student Service Centeris located in the student residential area. Students may find the bank, post office, a supermarket, a printing shop, a bookstore, a barber shop, and a photo studio here. The front desk of the Student Dormitory is also situated here, providing 24-7 services such as lending spare keys of dorms, facilities repairing, and package delivery, etc.

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