Tsinghua Xuetang Talents Program

Tsinghua Xuetang Mathematics Program

Chair professor Shing-Tung Yau
The ultimate goal of the Mathematics Program is to nurture a new generation of leading Chinese mathematician. The program seeks to recruit and train the students motivated to pursue their careers in mathematics, providing them with superior training and opportunities to work with mathematical masters around the world so that they can become leading mathematicians in the future.

Tsinghua Xuetang Physics Program

Chair professor Zhu Bangfen
The Physics Program which is regarded as a Tsinghua paradise for physics study and research aims to turn out world-class physicist and academic masters. The Program builds on the fine tradition of Tsinghua's Physics Department in which were educated two Nobel laureates and ten great scientists in the research on atomic and hydrogen bombs and the first satellite in China. The program focuses on training the students with their academic interest, innovative drive, imagination and critical thinking ability, and creates the best environment for the gifted students who are willing to devote themselves into scaling the heights of physics. The Program provides students with more freedom for their explore-orientation studying.

Tsinghua Xuetang Chemistry Program

Chair professor Wang Xun
The mission of the Chemistry Program is to explore and establish a new educational system for cultivating talented and devoted chemists. The training of this Program focuses not only on the basics of chemistry, but also on its frontier research and future development. Through the personalized education with its emphasis on critical thinking, this Program aims at producing a new generation of leading chemists, who are dedicated and creative in chemical research, and have solid background and broad vision in chemistry as well as strong sense of social responsibility.

Tsinghua Xuetang Life Science Program

Chair professor Shi Songhai
The Life Science Program aims to nurture the outstanding future research talents who are willing to dedicate themselves to the life science. Based on flexible curriculums, challenging experiments, the guidance from excellent scientists, and various international exchanges, this Program will provide a special platform for learning and research for its talented students strongly interested in life science and determined to devote themselves to this field.

Tsinghua Xuetang Computer Science Program

Chair professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao
The Computer Science Program (Yao Class) was founded in 2005 by Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, world-leading computer scientist, with a view to nurturing promising undergraduate students in the field of computer science, who are to become high-achieving talents in the world. Yao Class Program is organized into three tracks: computer science, artificial intelligence and quantum information. Students are required to declare a track at the end of their first year. Yao Class has set up a model for cultivating innovative talents in accordance with their aptitude and developed an extensive international teaching program. The model has been highly recognized and widely promoted. Most Yao Class students have pursued further studies upon graduation and are now making remarkable achievements in the field of computer science.

Tsinghua Xuetang Mechanics Program

Chair professor Zheng Quanshui
The Mechanics Program aims to create the best learning and research environment for the talents, encourage them to explore scientifically, and at the same time conduct autonomous learning by themselves in order to promote their personalized development and aptitude for critical thinking. The Program focuses on nurturing the future leaders in mechanics and engineering with good knowledge of humanities and prominent innovative ability.

Key features of the carefully designed curriculum include small class size coordinated with a tutorial system. Prominent scholars and world masters in mechanics are invited to deliver lecturers. Through the collaboration with major world universities and the state key engineering projects, the Program will offer the talented students more opportunities and an enriched platform for their learning and research.

Tsinghua Xuetang World Literature and Culture Program

Chair professor Yan Haiping
The World Literature and Culture Program is an undergraduate English-language program co-founded by the Institute for World Literatures and Cultures and the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Tsinghua University. It aims to further develop Tsinghua University’s intellectual tradition of “connecting the East and the West, bridging the past and the present, and intertwining humanistic and scientific ideas.” The program nurtures students with canons of world literatures, teaches them in-depth knowledge of histories of different civilizations, and guides them to explore different national cultures, languages and societies, so that they can inherit Chinese cultural tradition while making meaningful innovations and grow to become new generations of learned scholars who could carry on the historical responsibility to develop Chinese humanistic studies in the global environment. The program puts special emphasis on the overall improvement of students’ English language ability and their multilingual awareness and capabilities. At the same time, based on the extensive reading of classics in the humanities, the program seeks to expand students’ cultural visions and deepen their critical thinking. The goal of the program is to discover and cultivate new generations of scholars who possess outstanding potential in language learning, who are committed to scholarly research and critical thinking in the long term, as well as to discover advanced talents and cultivate their mastery of fluent English and other languages, sophistication in cross-national, cross-regional and cross-cultural studies so as to meet the strategic demands posed by the development of China’s higher education and the nation’s strategic requirement.

Tsinghua Xuetang Philosophy Program

Chair professor Wan Junren
The Tsinghua Xuetang Philosophy Program aims to cultivate philosophical scholars with a world vision, localized philosophers rooted in Chinese culture, and future thinkers promising to make original contributions with Chinese characteristics to human thoughts. The Philosophy Program tries to synthesize "the ancient and the modern", "the Chinese and the foreign" and "liberal arts and science" in education. It focuses on cultivating students' good academic taste and interest, training students to be versed in philosophical classics, daring to create philosophical ideas and participate in academic debates, improving students' ability for theoretical demonstration and academic writing, assisting students in learning languages required for philosophy research, in order to enable them to study further and make creative achievements in philosophy. The training plan of this program is of the "philosophy + X" mode. It will guide students to attend courses of other basic disciplines and acquire the ability to make use of interdisciplinary knowledge. Students will be encouraged to engage widely and deeply in the complex reality of contemporary China and explore the ways to talk about philosophy publicly. The program will invite world-renowned experts to give lectures regularly and build a platform for students to study abroad.

Tsinghua Xuetang Economics Program

Chair professor Qian Yingyi
The mission of the Tsinghua Xuetang Economics Program is to nurture a new generation of leading Chinese economists. The program is committed to training talented students in rigorous and creative ways through stimulating classroom environments, insights from recent research advances, and personalized advice from leading scholars in economics. Students in this program are expected to continue their graduate studies and ultimately develop a distinguished career in academia.

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