Every academic year is divided into three semesters: spring, autumn and summer. The two eighteen-week semesters in spring and autumn are for courses, while the ten-twelve-week summer semester consists of a five-week practical trainings or internship abroad and a five-seven-week vacation.

Tsinghua is striving for an undergraduate curriculum that combines general education and disciplinary specialization.In 2020, the University launched the training scheme reform centered on “boosting the quality of courses and reducing redundant courses,” aiming to strengthen deep learning, develop more challenging courses, and enhance students’ sense of attainment. Currently Tsinghua is carrying out a teaching initiative to promote a learning-centered method.

Undergraduate curriculum with Tsinghua characteristics is formed on the basis of multiple teaching modes such as Freshmen seminar, Challenge-Based Learning courses, Blended learning method , Textbook Compilation.

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