Every academic year is divided into three semesters: spring, autumn and summer. The two eighteen-week semesters in spring and autumn are for courses, while the ten-twelve-week summer semester consists of a five-week practical trainings or internship abroad and a five-seven-week vacation.

Tsinghua is striving for an undergraduate curriculum that combines general education and disciplinary specialization. In 2015, the University launched a new round of curricular review to further update its undergraduate programs. The premised curriculum consists of general education (44 credits), disciplinary specialization(96-116credits) and self-directed development (10-20 credits) .In general, total credits for degree requirements vary across programs. For science and engineering four-year degree majors, students need to earn 160-170 credits, for humanities majors, 150-160 credits.

Currently Tsinghua is carrying out a teaching initiative to promote a learning-centered method. Undergraduate curriculum with Tsinghua characteristics is formed on the basis of multiple teaching modes such as Freshmen seminar, Challenge-Based Learning courses, Blended learning method , Textbook Compilation.

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