Student Experience

Elena, USA, School of Economics and Management

The past year at Tsinghua has been beyond interesting and a little challenging, but a great learning experience. Being a part of a multicultural classroom has led me to being patient, open minded and very curious to learn about other people and their backgrounds. From both in and out of the classroom, I have been able to make friends and learn more about the world from different perspectives, giving me a better understanding about how different conditions can affect people differently around the world. Together, we can talk and brainstorm ideas to solve our problems, discuss intricate topics to gain a deeper learning, throw around business ideas and chat about the many possible start-up companies we’ve thought up. My time at Tsinghua has been nothing but enjoyable. Even though there are days when I just cannot find the right words in Chinese, or struggle to study new concepts from class, there is something new to learn every day. Looking forward to learning and enjoying life in the year to come!

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