Tsinghua History Museum

  • Tsinghua History Museum was completed on April 22, 2011, which covers about 5,000 square meters. The first floor includes the shared hall, the preamble hall, the multimedia performance hall and the History of Tsinghua exhibition hall. The second floor isfor special exhibition andthe third floor isfor history research and teaching.The permanent exhibition displays history and achievements of Tsinghua over a century,based on pictures and texts accompanied by precious archives and real objects.

Tsinghua Art Museum

  • With the support of three alumni, Zhang Chaoyang, Shi Jinshan and Mo Tianquan, Tsinghua Art Museum officially opened in September 2016.

    The museum owns over 13,000 art objects, including six major categories in painting and calligraphy, embroidery, porcelain, furniture, bronzeware and comprehensive artwork. Most of the collections are from the Academy of Arts & Design post-1956, donations from Tsinghua alumni and other donors.

    In addition to the main functional areas for exhibition, collections, research and public education, Tsinghua Art Museum also engages in exhibition planning, quality collection presentation, various academic activities, public service and education platform building, thereby playing an irreplaceable role in spreading historical, humanistic and artistic achievement as well as modern technological innovation.

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Tsinghua Science Museum

  • On April 24, 2018, Tsinghua decided to establish the Science Museum. From April 24 to May 3, 2019, the Centennial Artifact Exhibition for Preparatory Science Museum was held in the multifunctional hall in Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University.

  • Tsinghua Science Museum (in development)is the first comprehensive science museum with a collection set up by a comprehensive university in China. By the combination of scientific and technological relics and high-tech interactive exhibits, it will display the great historical scientific discoveries and technological inventions and the brilliant achievements of Tsinghua science and engineering in modern science and technology, and become a new landscape of Tsinghua to promote scientific and technological innovation.

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