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Song Ting: Combining art and the humanities with technology

“At Tsinghua, I saw how technology truly changes people’s lives, helping me move closer to this new trend that will lead the future,” says Song Ting (China), who graduated from School of Humanities at Tsinghua University in 2017 and is now a crypto artist.

As early as her undergraduate period, Song Ting co-founded one of the largest global hacker communities, organizing hackathons and focusing on cutting-edge technologies. With extremely diverse experiences, she cultivated a strong interest in combining art and humanities with technologies. From her perspective, “In the modern context, the integration of various forms of arts is a necessity.”

After graduating from Tsinghua, Song Ting chose to engage in crypto art, a category related to blockchain technology. After several years of struggling, she became the record holder of AI and blockchain art auctions in China last year. Next, she will continue the integration of China’s intangible cultural heritage and emerging technology, publishing her science-fiction themed blockchain and AI, and directing the first immersive drama based on a domestic open source machine learning model.

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