Alumni Stories

Min Junrong: A restoration expert at the Forbidden City

“Being able to do lacquerware repair at the Forbidden City is a very lucky thing for people who learn painting.” 20 years ago, Min Junrong (China) was admitted to the Tsinghua Academy of Arts and Design to study drawing and painting. For over 10 years, he has been working as a restorer of antiquities in the Forbidden City.

In this quiet palace courtyard, Min deals with cultural artifacts with patience. As different lacquer items require a wide variety of restoration processes, Min has faced different crafting challenges. “We have to learn and do everything step by step. The process is pretty long, but I think it's fun and not boring.”

20 years after graduation, alumnus Min Junrong reflects on what Tsinghua gave him. "The craft and creative techniques taught by professors at Tsinghua continue to help me today.”

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