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Yang Yuwei: Helping to end COVID-19

“We should contribute to ending the epidemic as much as we can. As a Tsinghua student, we have this responsibility,” said Yang Yuwei who went back to work in a Hebei village two days after Chinese New Year.

She studied at the School of Life Sciences, earning a master degree in 2019. The only graduate from Tsinghua assigned to Tangshan City, she assisted the construction and completion of 8 county nucleic acid testing labs in 7 days. Afterwards, Yang Yuwei also went to work at the Tangshan Infectious Diseases Hospital. She was moved by the efforts and positive energy from the medical team.

When asked what this experience meant for her future, Yuwei replied: “I’m more determined to continue with my work choice. To be honest, I was hesitant and uncertain when I started my job, because the psychological gap between Tsinghua University and grass-roots work is so huge. After facing this challenge, I feel that my efforts have great value, and I have found my sense of belonging. In the future, I will continue moving forward with my firm belief and contribute my strength to the development of the Tangshan Health Committee!”

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