Career Development

Career Development

Center for Faculty Development

The Center for Faculty Development was established at Tsinghua University in July 2017. The Center aims to promote the professional development of faculties, with an integration with research, consulting and training. It taps into the optimal pattern of teacher's development, integrates high-quality resources on and off the campus, and provides teachers with consulting and training services to support their steady academic and professional growth.

Pre-job Training

Tsinghua organizes pre-job education and teaching training for new teachers every year. The purpose is to familiarize new teachers with their working environment and enable them to quickly adapt to Tsinghua. Additionally, it provides ample space for teachers' development and a large stage to let them shine on. Tsinghua is also the organizer of the qualification accreditation for teachers in the field of higher education in Beijing.


Tsinghua attaches great importance to the professional development of teachers, prioritizing the training of young and middle-aged teachers, and taking effective measures to bring young teachers into their utmost fulfillment. The "Academic New Star" and the  "Outstanding Young Teacher" have been set to reward young backbones in teaching and research; the "Outstanding Contribution Award"  has been established to reward faculty and staff who have made great contributions in talent cultivation and university development. A series of measures such as funding independent research, sending experienced teachers, building excellent teaching and academic innovation teams, have been one after another mapped out to encourage young teachers to thrive.

Talent Supporting Program

Tsinghua provides the faculty and staff members with support at different levels.For details, please keep up-to-date with the annual notices of talent supporting programs issued by the University, or consult the Human Resources Office of Tsinghua for inquiries.

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