Xi stresses COVID-19 scientific research during Beijing inspection

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday stressed coordinately advancing the scientific research on novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) to provide support for winning the battle against the epidemic.

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks during his visit to the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and the School of Medicine at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

During his visit, Xi learned about the progress of research and application of the vaccines, anti-bodies, medicines and fast testing kits.

On behalf of the CPC Central Committee, Xi extended sincere gratitude and greetings to frontline science and technology personnel.


"Science and technology are the most powerful weapon in humanity's battle against diseases," Xi said. "Mankind can not defeat a major disaster or epidemic without scientific development and technological innovation."

Xi said the COVID-19 research must be taken as a major and pressing task, calling for accelerating its progress and overcoming major difficulties in epidemic prevention and control at an earlier date.

While inspecting the School of Medicine at Tsinghua University, Xi noted coordination between the frontline battle against the epidemic and scientific research and material production.

He called for accelerating the development of new-type testing kits, antibody medicines, vaccines, and diagnosis and treatment plans.

Xi also required efforts to reinforce the national surveillance network for major epidemics, improve the legal and regulatory system, promote the research of cutting-edge technologies and cultivate top-notch professionals to raise the country's ability to respond to major public health emergencies.


Chairing a symposium at Tsinghua University, Xi heard reports and gave an important speech.

He noted the progress made by the country's scientific and technological front in just over a month, saying it has provided forceful support to epidemic prevention and control.

At the moment, winning the people's war against the epidemic still requires hard work, Xi said, stressing more efforts to seek solutions through science.

"Saving the lives of more patients is the most pressing and important task," he continued.

Xi stressed linking the research on medicines and medical equipment with clinical treatment as well as giving priority to the clinical application of scientific research achievements.

Treatment should combine traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, more effective drugs be applied and new treatment methods explored to prevent patients with mild symptoms from becoming severely ill, he said.

Advanced treatments using convalescent plasma, stem cells and monoclonal antibodies should also be applied to treat severe and critically ill patients, he added.

On vaccine, Xi said it is vital to epidemic prevention and control, with its safety the top priority.

He called for speeding up the vaccine research and development while closely tracking the progress of related research overseas.

Xi urged early clinical trial and application of vaccines, as well as linking research and development with industrial-chain production.

He also required building a national reserve system for vaccines.

Xi stressed the importance of coordinating research on virus source tracing and transmission routes and evaluating whether some suspected animals are intermediate hosts.

Xi pointed out that new technologies, including artificial intelligence and big data, should be applied to epidemiological investigation and virus source tracing to figure out where the virus comes from and how it will develop.

Xi also underscored psychological intervention to help patients recover.


Bio-security should be included in the overall national security as an important part, Xi said, calling for strengthening the system and capacity building of epidemic prevention and control and scientific research on public health.

Xi called for improving the epidemic warning and forecast systems to gather information in a timely manner and quickly take response measures.

He emphasized concentrating nationwide resources to double down on key and core technology research and urged breakthroughs in developing high-end medical equipment to accelerate fixing the country's "weak link" in this sector.

Xi also emphasized resolutely eradicating the bad habit of eating wild animals to promote a civilized, healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Public health security is a common challenge faced by humanity, and all countries should join hands to cope with it, Xi said.

Noting that the COVID-19 outbreaks have emerged in many countries, Xi said it is important to step up communication and exchange with the World Health Organization and carry out scientific research cooperation on source tracing, drugs, vaccines, testing and other fields with other countries, especially those hit hard by the virus.

Xi called on countries to share research data and jointly work out response strategies to contribute to building a community with a shared future for humanity.

Source: Xinhua
Editor: Guo Lili


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