Be strong China, we are with you!

As our alumni from around the world send messages of support during the coronavirus outbreak, Tsinghua master’s graduate Musa Frimpong publishes an appeal for global cooperation through his Ghana-based enterprise Duapa Africa.

Musa, CEO of Duapa Africa, is a master’s graduate of the International Development and Governance program at Tsinghua University, and was recognized by Tsinghua University President Qiu Yong in his commencement address to the graduate Class of 2019.

President Qiu congratulated Musa on his self-confidence, vision and execution through innovation, entrepreneurship and social impact.

Prior to coming to Tsinghua, Musa was in charge of coordinating a continental youth program for the African Union Commission.

During his master’s program, he served as Secretary-General of the African Student Association of Tsinghua University and founded the first enterprise by African entrepreneurs in the Haidian Pioneer Park.

On February 6, Musa released an article in the local newspaper Modern Ghana, praising “the ongoing efforts of China and international players like the WHO in mitigating the impact of the outbreak” and encouraging global stakeholders to find “a lasting solution to the epidemic”.

The full text of the article published in Modern Ghana is provided below.




As an entity with staff, partners and operations in China; having deep insights on the critical role of China to the global economy and development, we wish to convey our message of support to the Chinese government and its people and all the nearly 25 other countries that have reported cases of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) as per current data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

We applaud the ongoing efforts of China and international players like the WHO in mitigating the impact of the outbreak and strongly call for the cooperation and support from all nations and relevant stakeholders of the world in finding lasting solution to the epidemic. This is not the time to promote fake news, prejudice and all forms of negativity.

As our corporate slogan goes, “creating a shared future”, we believe the current situation faced by the world’s second-largest economy is a big threat to achieving peace and prosperity for all. This, therefore, calls for urgent global effort backed by solidarity and honesty to arrest and address the situation.

Beyond everything else, we believe supporting China, its people and all affected nations and people in any form possible at this critical moment is the right thing to do.

Be strong China, we are with you, the world is with you!

Writer: Guo Lili
Editor: Natalie Meyer

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