The Power of Tsinghua Community in Fighting the Epidemic

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in China, the Tsinghua community has taken on the responsibility to join the collective fight against the spread of the virus.

Drawing on Tsinghua's strengths, our community has been contributing valuable skills and effort during this period.

From catering services, to security and reception staff, various departments across Tsinghua are working around the clock to be of assistance.

Tsinghua Catering Services Center

Food service is a top priority year-round at Tsinghua and the catering department has treated this period with even greater attention. Catering provision is ongoing for students living in the Xinzhai Building, and the Tsinghua Catering Services Centre is making special efforts to ensure daily service of healthy food.

The Guan Chou Yuan Canteen is displaying specific nutritional catering information, formulating healthy daily recipes, preparing food and offering special food delivery to buildings to reduce health risks.

Since January 24, more than forty daily nutritional packages have been delivered to the Xinzhai Building to meet students' various needs. Fruit was also distributed to students in the Xinzhai Building to enhance their vitamin C intake and strengthen immunity.

Tsinghua Security Department

Staff from the security department are responsible for restricting campus entry during the coronavirus outbreak in order to protect the health and safety of the Tsinghua community.

The security guards at the gates conduct security inspections, do temperature checks of those entering the campus grounds, and meticulously register all personnel who enter and leave the university.

Tsinghua Student Community Management & Service Center

During the outbreak of the epidemic, staff from the Student Community Management & Service Center have taken on additional responsibilities.

While providing living services for students in dormitories, staff have carried out daily cleaning and disinfection of elevators, corridors, public areas and other locations. They pay attention to the health of the students, and check their temperature twice a day.

Tsinghua Changgung Hospital

After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, a medical team comprised of 32 doctors and 40 medical personnel from the Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital readily accepted a call to join the front lines, treating those who have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.

Before the team was formed, they received a letter from their colleague Zou Xiaozhao, a young doctor at Changgung hospital.

In the letter, she requested to be allowed to join the medical team to fight the deadly virus, claiming that treating those in need is also her duty as a doctor. The team of doctors accepted her request to join, making her the 33rd and final doctor to join the team.

Tsinghua Alumni

Tsinghua alumni all over the world are joining the fight against the epidemic.

The Tsinghua Alumni Association in Hubei set up an anti-epidemic fundraising team on January 26 and issued a fundraising announcement to all Tsinghua alumni. The Tsinghua Alumni Association in Singapore has been actively raising funds for Wuhan. The Tsinghua Alumni Association of Southern Ontario Canada donated epidemic prevention materials to domestic hospitals. The North American Federation of Tsinghua Alumni Associations set up an anti-epidemic fund-raising committee to share resources with the Wuhan University Alumni Association, so that all donations are used for the procurement of materials needed to prevent and control the epidemic.

The volunteer team led by the Student Associations in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Tsinghua Alumni Association at Greater Boston contacted medical suppliers in the United States to gather a large number of materials to support Hubei in fighting the epidemic. The Tsinghua Alumni Association in the UK contributed by raising funds, as well as purchasing and donating medical protection materials.

In addition, Tsinghua Alumni Association in Germany, Tsinghua Alumni Association in Japan, Tsinghua Alumni Association in Switzerland, and many other overseas alumni associations all over the world are also contributing efforts to help find overseas sources of epidemic prevention materials such as masks and protective clothing, and have mobilized various forces to help.

The Tsinghua community has demonstrated its courage and resilience in the battle against the novel coronavirus.

At this time, let us all come together to protect ourselves and our loved ones, keep all those who are at the front lines in our prayers and pass on our gratitude to those who have joined and contributed to the fight against the epidemic.


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