Tsinghua University New Year Gala 2020

On the evening of December 31st, the Tsinghua University New Year Gala 2020 was held in the Sports Center. University leaders Qiu Yong, Chen Xu, Jiang Shengyao, Wang Xiqin, Ji Junmin, Yang Bin, Li Yibing, You Zheng, Guo Yong, Zheng Li, Xiang Botao, Peng Gang, and more than 3,000 teachers and students celebrated New Year together.

As the New Year bell rang, President Qiu Yong and University Council Chairperson Chen Xu delivered New Year’s speeches.

On behalf of the university, President Qiu sent New Year's greetings to the students, teachers and alumni present. He said that Tsinghua faculty and students had participated in the National Day parade at Tiananmen Square, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and alumnus Nan Rendong received a national honorary title for being a “Scientist for the People”. He noted that “the Tsinghua community will always be present in the nation’s development.”

President Qiu said that Tsinghua’s achievements in the past year had risen to new heights. In anticipation of 2020, he was confident that greater surprises were waiting ahead. A more innovative, international and humanity-oriented Tsinghua would lead to an increase in the openness, confidence and self-possession of the institution. In 2020, a confident and self-possessed Tsinghua would nevertheless remain rooted in our founding values. The Tsinghua community would continue to pursue excellence and create historic breakthroughs.

Following the bell at midnight, Chen Xu also extended her New Year's greetings to all present. She stated that 2019 was unforgettable and memorable. As we looked toward the next year, we would be rejuvenated by a greater sense of ambition, responsibility and confidence.

Chen Xu shared her belief in 2020 becoming a year filled with hope and exciting triumphs for everyone, propelled by our aspirations and accompanied by a strong reminder of our roots and mission. She sincerely wished for China to become more glorious and prosperous in this coming year, and for the teachers, students and alumni to attain greater achievements and make greater contributions.

At the gala, the “Students of the Year 2019” were announced.

Writer: Cassandra Ler Yiying
Photo: Li Pai


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