Andrew Chi-Chih Yao: Sheer Affection and a Fearless Spirit

Andrew Chi-Chih Yao is well known for making unconventional decisions at critical moments in his life. Whilst pursuing a PhD in physics, he began to study computer science, which was an unpopular subject at the time. Thereafter, he gave up a comfortable life and work environment in scientific research abroad to return to his motherland in 2004, aiming to build a flagship of world-class undergraduate education in China.

Professor Yao’s commitment to this pursuit is motivated by his affection for China and his fearless spirit. In the 15 years since his return to China, Andrew Yao has served as a top global scientist, as well as a teacher and a manager. Two Tsinghua Classes have been established in his name, including the Yao Class in 2005 and the Zhi Class in 2019. In recognition of his service, Professor Yao was awarded the Tsinghua University Outstanding Contribution Award in 2019.

Writer: Wilson Khor
Photo: Song Chen
Editors: Guo Lili, Natalie Meyer


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