Tsinghua holds opening ceremony to welcome undergraduates

Tsinghua University hosted an opening ceremony to welcome its new cohort of undergraduates on August 18.

Tsinghua University leaders Qiu Yong, Wang Xiqin, Wang Guangqian, Yang Bin, Li Yibing, Guo Yong, Zheng Li, Peng Gang, Zeng Rong and others attended the ceremony. Vice President Peng Gang moderated the ceremony.

Tsinghua University Council Chairman Qiu Yong affixed a Tsinghua badge to the freshmen representative.

Tsinghua University President Wang Xiqin delivered a welcome speech. He extended his heartfelt congratulations and warm welcome to all incoming freshmen on behalf of the University, and thanked their family members and teachers for their support.

He said the new undergraduates have opened a new chapter in their lives and added new vitality to Tsinghua University.

Moving forward, he said, “It is our hope that you will inherit the university motto of self-discipline and social commitment, carry forward its ethos of actions speak louder than words, and its style of rigorous, diligent, truth-seeking and creative, practice the tradition of being professional and devoted and holistically developed, and grow to be a part of the Tsinghua family with decent character, systematic expertise, innovative thinking, global vision and social responsibility.”

He encouraged the new students to live up to President Xi Jinping's words: Let youth blossom in the unremitting endeavors for the motherland, the nation, the people and humankind.

He expressed his hope that the new students would carry out continuous reflection, evaluation, and constant self-improvement, and build a noble character.

“When you are reflecting upon yourself, it is important to recognize your highlights and, more importantly, to have a closer look at your shortcomings. At the same time, you should also continue to deepen your understanding of yourself through interactions and collaboration with others, and gain a more rational and objective picture of who you are at the moment,” he said.

He also urged the new undergraduates to engage with others and make friends with common aspirations, highlighting the culture of teamwork at Tsinghua and the significance of team building in an individual’s self-cultivation.

He said working as a team can enable individuals to cultivate character, develop tolerance, understand teamwork and enhance their ambitions. “I hope you will inherit and carry forward the wonderful traditions of our university, integrate into a team, contribute to its development, and grow into talents in the team together with like-minded partners.”

President Wang also instructed incoming freshmen to put the people first and serve the people. “Only by doing so, can we go further,” he said. “We are all part of the people. So, we should always put the people at the center and stand firmly with them.”

Concluding his remarks, he conveyed his confidence that the incoming freshmen will shoulder the responsibilities of their countries, strengthen their beliefs, and cultivate their moral characters as they set sail for a new journey with Tsinghua.

“I hope you will plunge into the great cause of the great rejuvenation of our country. From now on, you must live up to the expectations of the youth, the times, and the people,” he added.

At the opening ceremony, Wang Rui, President of the Student Union, delivered a speech as the senior student representative. He called on the new students not to let the fear of failure hold them back and to explore various opportunities offered by Tsinghua University to find their future paths.

Professor Yin Yajun from the School of Aerospace Engineering delivered a speech as the faculty representative. He shared several takeaways from his time as a Tsinghua student, hoping to inspire the incoming freshman as they embark on a new journey, and said that he has high expectations for them.

“Your university life is short and precious and it deserves all of your love and passion,” he added.

In his remarks as the freshman representative, Lyu Yuxuan, a freshman at Rixin College, shared his first impression of Tsinghua University, and called on his fellow freshmen to keep their dreams in mind and work hard to fulfill them, embracing the unknown, adhering to their ideals and adapting to the times.

Nearly 500 freshmen attended the ceremony at the University Gymnasium, the main venue for the ceremony. More than 3,000 freshmen watched the live broadcast in sub-venues.

Writer: Sangeet Sangroula

Editors: John Olbrich, Li Han

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