Tsinghua holds Commencement Ceremony for Undergraduate Students

Tsinghua University held its commencement ceremony for undergraduate students on June 27th.

During the ceremony held outside the East Sports Ground, the university awarded degrees to 3,488 undergraduates of the class of 2021. 565 undergraduate students were awarded a second bachelor’s degree.

Chen Xu, Chairperson of the University Council, announced the list of the titles awarded, of which 10 classes were awarded the title of “advanced collectives” and 71 undergraduate students were awarded the title of “outstanding undergraduates”.

The commencement ceremony was livestreamed across the world on various media and social media platforms. Graduating students and their families who were not able to join the ceremony in person attended via video link.

The university also invited some students who were unable to attend the graduation ceremony last year due to the pandemic, to experience graduation day on campus.

In his congratulatory speech, Tsinghua’s President Qiu Yong extended his warmest congratulations to all the undergraduate students.

He remarked that the profound history and culture and the generation-after-generation striving of Tsinghua people have built the excellence and personality of the university. He hoped the students could stay true to their reality and originality so as to give full play to their potential.

“The background color of life, and the core of one’s spirit and quality lay the foundation of the future,” President Qiu said. He encouraged the students to be patriotic and dedicated, to be steadfast and self-confident, to aim for the highest and the pursuit of excellence, and to follow the principle that actions speak louder than words throughout their lives.

“Dear students, please remember, Tsinghua University will always be your home,” he concluded.

Wang Jiaheng, who graduated from the Department of Engineering Physics, delivered his commencement speech on behalf of the undergraduate students of the class of 2021.

Wang thanked Tsinghua for cultivating him and offering opportunities and platforms to do research on quantum information.

“After graduation, I will continue studying at the newly established School of Integrated Circuits for a PhD degree and engage in quantum information and quantum computing research,” said Wang.

Xia Deming, who completed his doctoral degree in 2007 from Tsinghua’s Department of Electrical Engineering and started working at the Northeast Branch of the State Grid Corporation of China as an engineer, delivered his speech at the commencement ceremony as the alumni representative.

Xia reviewed his nine years of study in Tsinghua, from a boy who knew nothing about electrical power systems, to a doctorate in the field with a solid theoretical foundation.

He said the experience of studying in Tsinghua gave him the courage and perseverance to face difficulties in his future work and research.

He also advised students to adhere to the Tsinghua spirit of “Actions Speak Louder than Words”, and maintain a positive heart to pursue dreams and make greater contributions to the prosperity of our country, the rejuvenation of the nation, and the happiness of the people.

Editors: Li Han, Sangeet, John Olbrich, Guo Lili

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