Tsinghua Launches Quantum Information Class

On May 24, Tsinghua University announced the creation of a new Tsinghua Xuetang class — Quantum Information Class. Professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, IIIS Dean, is the Chair Professor, and IIIS CC Yao Professor Luming Duan is the Program Director. It is the third Tsinghua Xuetang Class that was founded and designed by Prof. Yao, following the Yao Class (computer science) and the Artificial Intelligence Class.

The aim of the program is to cultivate high-achieving talents in the quantum information field, and it will provide significant resources in enabling the students to gain a strong foundation as well as in-depth knowledge in this discipline. The program will receive applications this summer, and 20 students will be enrolled in the Class of 2021.

The launch ceremony took place at the Lecture Hall, FIT Building, and was attended by Jing Xu, General Director of the Department of Strategy and Planning, Ministry of Science and Technology, Rong Zeng, Vice Provost of Tsinghua University, Qixin Chen, Director of Tsinghua Undergraduate Admission Office, besides Prof. Andrew Yao and Prof. Luming Duan.

Writer: Yuying Chang
Editors: Li Han, Sangeet, John Olbrich

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