First Forum of the “On The University” Series-“Tsinghua-A Global University” held

The first forum of the “On The University” series was held at the New Tsinghua Xuetang on April 12, with the topic of “Tsinghua- A Global University".

The 110th Anniversary “On The University” series of forums were broadcast live in two languages around the world, presenting Tsinghua’s new century and features on five aspects: “Global University”, “Innovation”, “Public Welfare”, “Sustainable Development”, and “Thoughts”. The sharing was focused on the results achieved in recent years and showed the responsibility and mission of Tsinghua University.

Since the release and implementation of the “Global Strategy”, Tsinghua University has continuously improved its global layout, built a “global competency” talent training system, optimized the international cooperation system, and built an international campus. On the 110th anniversary of the founding of the institution, Tsinghua specially planned the “Global University” forum to explain the concept of opening schools to the world and show the effectiveness of international schooling.

A total of six speakers gave their speeches: Li Jinliang, Professor and Dean of International Affairs; Michael Powers, Chair of the Zurich Insurance Group and Professor at the School of Economics and Management; Stella Christie, Research Chair at Tsinghua’s Brain and Intelligence Laboratory, and Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology; Bartek Czech, member of the Institute for Advanced Study; and finally, Chinese and foreign student representatives.

Professor Li Jinliang illustrated Tsinghua's first ever global strategy at the Forum. “Openness is a prerequisite of higher education reform and an essential element in the cultivation of global talents.”

Tsinghua facilitates a vast array of collaborative opportunities such as global research and exchange programs, to provide campus-wide transformative learning experiences for global competence development, said Li.

Professors Bartek Czech and Stella Christie spoke about their family’s move to Tsinghua and about their physics and psychology research groups. They highlighted China’s steadfast scientific progress and described Tsinghua as a welcoming home in which they lead fulfilling personal lives.

“We have each built our research groups with two learning languages, English and Chinese, so that our students are globally prepared to work anywhere in the world,” said Czech.

Since their arrival at Tsinghua University, the couple have turned this place into their home, putting their child in the local kindergarten and making long-term plans.

“We are doing our best here, just like everyone does their best for the place they call home, and for us, this home is Tsinghua,” added Christie as they concluded their speech.

Michael Powers from the U.S. shared his experience in the increasing opening of the Tsinghua campus and his thoughts on China’s experience on the world stage.

“As the world breeds global institutions, Tsinghua University provides an openness that is necessary to preserve and participate in both the development of the Chinese economy and society,” said Powers.

Chinese and foreign student representatives Li Yadong, a graduate student at Schwarzman College, and Ekaterina Kaligaeva, a Belarusian undergraduate student from the School of Journalism and Communication, shared their experiences as Tsinghua students in learning, research, academic exchange, and life on campus.

“Openness is the teaching tradition of Tsinghua University, and it has already lived in various focal points of the university,” said Li, as he recalls the support he received from Tsinghua and its faculty members when deciding to leave Tsinghua and work in Africa. “I think if I am not studying at Tsinghua University, I can hardly imagine my encounter with Africa in such way.”

“Outstanding students from around the world have brought diverse cultures to Tsinghua University, and contributed their own strength to the construction of an international education,” added Kaligaeva. “No matter where you are from, Tsinghua always opens its arms and embraces future students.”

With less than two weeks left before the celebrations for the 110th Tsinghua Anniversary, further forums and events will be held online and offline for global viewers to participate in. The topic of “Innovation” will be broadcast live on April 13 at 8 pm.


Editors: Li Han, Sangeet, John Olbrich

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