Campus LifeThe Beginning of Many Rewarding Years

A new and exciting chapter begins for many graduate students as Tsinghua welcomes its 2018 intake. To assist new graduate students, a number of volunteers work to guide and complete registration for the new graduate students in a timely and orderly fashion. In addition to registration, precautions and subject characteristics are introduced by the seniors to prevent any misconduct.

Despite a hectic registration day, new graduate students jump at the opportunity to take photos with Tsinghua’s slogan situated on the square of the new Tsinghua Auditorium. This marks their start of busy but rewarding years ahead.

In 2018, Tsinghua University reports a grand total of 8,310 new graduate students. This includes 5,393 boys, 2,917 girls, 5,372 master students, 2,938 doctoral students, and 999 international students.

Writer: Annie Chen
Photographer: Shi Jiadong