Campus LifeWelcome Reception for 2018 New Graduate Students

To welcome this year’s international graduate students, Tsinghua’s Graduate Union prepared a grand reception with drinks, a buffet, and an array of student performances.

As students were proposed a toast by one of Tsinghua’s renowned professor’s, it was also announced that the United States, Canada, and Pakistan built the bulk of Tsinghua University’s international graduate student intake this year with the youngest student being 17 years old.

To showcase Tsinghua’s diverse student talents, the university’s official songs played in the background in the early stages of arrival and progressed to thrilling performances. Students were eager to pull out their phones to film and take photos of the entertainment and applauded along to the production of the Chinese Folk Band. Cheers and hoots from the crowd displayed the support and sense of community of Tsinghua University.

The new graduate students not only had the opportunity to familiarize with their peers but also to win prizes through a game of icebreaker at the end of the event. The 2018 international graduate student cohort has officially become part of Tsinghua University’s growing family.

Writer: Annie Chen
Photographer: Wu Yaxin