In the 80-year history of the DPI, more than 14,000 graduates devote themselves tothe development of China. Some of them became Academic Masters, CEO ofEngineering Company, presidents of design institutes and design masters, and some ofthem became mayors and ministers。The alumni of the DPIM have made significant contributions to the economic growth and Social progress and industrial development。 Particularly after thereform of China, the graduates worked actively in international academic communityand made remarkable achievements.

The DPI fosters students mainly for the areas of National industrial development and national security, national defense, security and related fields。Most educated students in the DPI are employed by Large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, focusing on defense and military units. These companies are influential in the Countries and the world's industrial field and provide a good environment for graduates’ sustainable development and personal growth. Recognized by Tsinghua University, the DPI has been successively recognized as “Advanced Departmentfor Employment of Tsinghua University” for the past four years.

Here, three aspects, i.e. students’ movements after graduation, employment of graduates to key industries and key enterprises, as well as outstanding alumni, are introduced to display a scene of alumni of the DPI.

1 Students’ Movements after Graduation

(1) Undergraduates

Over the past five years, a total of 505 undergraduates graduated from the DPI. Among these alumni, 63.8% continued to study in China for Master or Ph.D, 18.6% went abroad for further study, and 17.6% were employed in the enterprises related to the discipline or served in governments, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Movement of Undergraduates from DPI (2007-2011)

The undergraduate education performance of the DPI is competitive in the world. Over the past five years, 82.4% graduates continue to pursue Master and Ph.D. Among them, 94 students went abroad including U.S., U.K, Singapore, Europe, Japan and Korea etc. Some of these students were admitted into U.S. universities with good reputations, cf.

(2) Graduates

From 2007 to 2011, 575 graduate students have completed their degrees in the DPIM. 81.6% are employed in Machinery related areas and 18.4% continue to pursue Ph.D in China and abroad. Figure 2 shows the movement of graduates in the DPI.

Figure 2 Movement of Graduates from the DPI (2007-2011)

2 Employment of graduates to key industries and key enterprises

Tsinghua University is committing herself to educate students to become talent of independence of thought and good personality, playing an important role in the regions and fields in need mostly. And DPI is encouraging and guiding the graduates to join key universities, key state state-owned enterprises, national and provincial scientific institutions, key military enterprises, government agencies, etc. The key field includes equipment manufacturing, aviation, aerospace, ships, military, etc. During the recent five years, the employment rate to the key field of DPI graduates maintains in about 75%.

Figure 3 Field Distribution of First Employment of Graduates from the DPI (2007-2011)

3 Outstanding Alumni

Up to now, 14,000 alumni of the DPI who are devoted to careers as Industrialization of the country's development and construction, research and education have made remarkable contributions to civil and The field of mechanical engineering, as well as Project management and government administration, facilitating the economic growth and social development. DPI has trained a large number of talents for the country, among them , there are a large number of outstanding alumni with both good character and professional competence, such as the minister or vice minister of the Ministry of Education, commander of the Lunar Project, academicians of both the Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Engineering, army generals, chairman of the All-Chian Youth Federation, winner of the Ten Outstanding Youthes of China, and university presidents .