Deans Message

Tsinghua University is stepping into a new era of pursuing a world first-class university. The Department of Precision Instruments has also started its journey for a new round of rapid development. Precision Instruments at Tsinghua has a history of 85 years and has always maintained a unique mechanism for promoting multi-disciplinary research and education. We are committed to the in-depth and cutting-edge scientific research to provide solutions to major engineering challenges and to train innovative engineers and scientists. Recently we have made a series of significant achievements, including the microsatellites for space exploration, biochips for medical diagnosis and therapy, terabyte high density medias for holographic storage, and high-precision atomic clocks for navigation system. Our research plays an important role in major fields of the National Development Plan including informatics, environmental protection, aerospace and national defense; meanwhile, we deliver instrumental solutions for life science research, medical diagnosis and therapy, discovery of new energy sources and new materials. With an emphasis on the innovation in science and technology and the development of the advanced manufacturing, Precision Instruments is expected to become increasingly important in the future scientific research and technology development.

The Precision Instruments at Tsinghua is carrying a mission of supporting the national development and improving the people’s well-being. This is to be fulfilled by taking the advantages of the discipline and seizing valuable opportunities to actively and creatively advance the research and education in the future.