In training of postgraduate students, Department of Precision Instruments closely surrounding the core goal of training “research-based, managerial, innovative, international” top creative talents in the field of equipment and optic engineering, we positively foster learning environment, enhance professional practice and career development guidance, to train “both socialist-minded and professionally competent” outstanding talent with all-round development.

■Theme Education

Department of Precision Instruments has always paid great attention to the ideological and political education of graduate students. Combining learning of General Secretary series important speech spirits and the Central Committee Meeting spirits, we carry out learning exchanges salons to explore and comprehend the spirits of the Central Committee for implementation in their own practices; actively hold teachers and students party branch joint activities, to discuss hot spots for mutual exchange and common progress; adhere to the traditional activity of “Party Secretaries Give Party Lectures” where students can listen to stories of people of the older generation of Tsinghua University and bear in mind the national feelings and historical mission of Tsinghua people; carry out various forms of party organization activities, strengthen the cohesion and combat of party branch and build “learning-oriented, service-oriented, innovative” grass-roots party organizations.

■ Style of Academic

We carry out a wealth of academic activities, promote good style of study, and foster strong academic culture. We regularly hold Doctoral Academic Forum every year, which publishes 100 plus high quality academic papers every time, enjoys participation of dozens of teachers and more than a hundred graduate students, and provides a good platform for academic exchanges; hold “Precision Instrument Academic Hall” series academic lectures which regularly invites famous scholars at home and abroad to conduct academic seminars to promote interdisciplinary, expand academic vision of teachers and students, promote academic exchanges, stimulate and enhance students’ academic research interests and potential.

■ Employment Guidance

Employment is the goal for Tsinghua to train personnel. Correct employment guidance plays a crucial role in the career development of the vast graduates. Department of Precision Instruments organizes more than 20 special recruitment each year, which invites the Fifth Institute Of Aerospace, Changchun Institute of Optics and other famous units to preach; meanwhile, conducts graduation talkfests and “employment counselling” series seminars to encourage students to go to where the country needs; organizes summer and winter practices, organizes graduates to practice in professionally suited units. In addition, short-term practices are also welcomed by the students, including learning tours to Beijing Institute of Telemetry Technology, Beijing Pgeneral Instrument Co., Ltd., China Commercial Aircraft Co.Ltd, etc.. Annual graduate employment rate of Department of Precision Instruments reaches 100%, of which about 80% for direct employment, about 10% for domestic further study (for Ph.D. or postdoc), about 10% for study abroad. Among the employed graduates, the vast majority choose to go to universities, research institutes, key central enterprises, large state-owned enterprises and other key units, with employment rate reaching 83.6% and professional suitability rate reaching 90%, which reflects urgent needs of the key industries and units for graduates of Department of Precision Instruments.

■ Volunteer Service

Establishment of long-term volunteer mechanism is the focus of volunteering work. The department research group actively expands volunteer service projects, and adheres to long-standing partnership with other voluntary organizations. These volunteer services include: green and environmental protection volunteer activity of “Learning from Lei Feng”, books donation activity of “Warming a Winter with a Book”, blood donation and so on. These colorful volunteer activities gradually develop graduate students’ responsibility and awareness of serving for the society.

■ Colorful Life

Rich leisure life is an important guarantee for students to perform better at research. Postgraduates of Department of Precision Instruments participate in the “December 9th” revolutionary song concert every year, with outstanding results achieved for several consecutive years; figures of our graduates repeatedly show in Graduate Games and “John” Cup Series with honors achieved; the characteristics teachers and students series sports events throughout the year, including basketball, badminton, table tennis, bowling tournament, etc., have narrowed the distance between teachers and students with enhanced friendship; in Tsinghua traditional festivals such as boys festival and girls festival, department research group will carefully plan activities and prepare gifts to give everyone a surprise; the annual Department of Precision Instruments Freshman School History Museum tour provides graduate freshmen with platforms and channels to get to know Tsinghua University; joint big dances and recreational activities between institutions, faculties are also impressive. These activities jointly build a colorful postgraduate life.