The faculty and staff recruitment program in the Department of Precision Instrument follows the ideology of "first class, competitiveness, mobility". Up to March 2024, there are 81 teachers, including 2 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 16 members of other High-end talents and 13 members of young talents, 4 winner of Beijing Distinguished Teaching Award, 1 Innovation Team sponsored by the Ministry of Education of P. R. China and 1 Innovation Team in key areas. Among all the faculty members, 31 are full professors, 49 are associate professors, and 80 hold doctoral degrees. In addition, there are 56 postdoctoral fellows、6 professional researchers and 140 short-term staff in the department.

Department of Precision Instrument invited famous experts as adjunct professors including Weimin Bao, academician of Chinese Academy of Science, and Songlin Zhuang, Tianchu Li, Zhicheng Zhou, Guangsheng Zhu academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Hongwei Gao, former Chairman of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp.,  Changqiang Huang, Professor from Air Force Engineering University, Qisheng Sui the former member from Military Science and Technology Commission. Hongtai Zhang, Vice President of the Fifth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and Zhongwei Fan, Vice president of Aerospace Information Innovation Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Also, we invited several international scholars as Distinguished Visiting Professor including Martin Sweeting, Fellow of Royal Academy of Science and Royal Academy of Engineering in UK, and Albert P. Pisano, member of National Academy of Engineering in US, Frank Wise of Cornell University in the United States, Attila Tárnok of Leipzig University in Germany and Chu Daping of Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, Min Gu of Foreign academician of Chinese Academy of engineering as honorary professors to work on teaching, research, and talents training.