The motto of Tsinghua University is translated as “Self-Discipline and Social Commitment”. In Tsinghua University, it is also believed that “Actions speak louder than words” and all the staff and students are asked to pursue the four qualities of “Precision”, “Diligence”, “Honesty”, and “Creation” when undertaking study or research. On this basis, the DPI aims to cultivate high-calibre, broad minded, diversified and creative graduates, combining the engineering and science, merging the eastern and western cultures. A large number of excellent students have graduated from our school, and the outstanding performance of our alumni all over the world has enhanced the reputation of the DPI. After 80 years of historical accumulation, the DPI has developed its own culture of valuing fundamental education and ability training, orientating fundamental research to match the needs of domestic manufacturing industry.

The Vision of the DPI is to serve and lead the nation and the global profession on mechanical engineering, by educating outstanding industrial leaders with the abilities of innovative research and international vision, by creating frontier knowledge through the state-of-the-art interdisciplinary scientific research and engineering practice, and by promoting innovation and engagement to the major challenges in the sustainable development of the nation and the world.

In the future, the DPI aims to take advantage of the opportunity of the country’s fast development and improve itself in the four aspects (education, research/teaching team development, discipline construction and administrative service) to create a people-oriented, open and tolerant, transparent and fair, efficient atmosphere. The cultivation of creative students is the foremost task of the DPI, to which financial and human resources are first directed. The objective of faculty development is to optimize the faculty structure and to strengthen the team work. At the same time, staff’s personalities are respected and young faculty members, in particular, will be given additional support. Having the ambition to be the best, the DPI should focus on more creativity, innovation and collaboration. Driven by the reform and innovation, the DPI encourages the social commitment and motivation of staff, strives to improve democratic administration and abides to the professor-centered principle for academic activities.


We are committed to high-quality teaching, state-of-the-art research and outstanding faculty development.

1. Education. To educate students with solid foundation of scientific theories, to broaden students’ analysis and synthesis knowledge and to profound humanistic spirits through high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs. To teach students systematic knowledge in multi-disciplines by integrating mechanics, optics, electronics, and metrology and control science. To enable students with the capabilities of research and development, project management, and creative thinking. To provide the industry with highly-qualified graduates with global vision and comprehensive competitiveness.

2. Research. To conduct the cutting edge interdisciplinary research involving mechanical design, machinery manufacturing, instrumentation, optical engineering, and other disciplines, by addressing the needs of national and global challenges. To lead the development of mechanical engineering of the nation and the world.

3. Faculty. To attract, award and retain outstanding talents for a high-level faculty team. To facilitate faculty members’ academic competitiveness through constructing advanced teaching and research infrastructure, creating an active academic atmosphere, and enhancing the international academic exchanges.