Surrounding the fundamental task of talent cultivation with moral composition, we closely shape the values to cultivate composite engineering top-notch innovative personnel and students and guide students to be both socialist-minded and professionally competent for comprehensive development. Under “self-discipline and social commitment”, the spirit of Tsinghua University, and “seeking increasing perfection until absolute perfection”, the spirit of Department of Precision Instruments, we encourage students to become socialist builders and successors with firm belief and faith, comprehensive quality and outstanding innovation ability. In combination with construction of “six types of classes”, we constantly make innovations in forms and methods of work, to achieve “comprehensive education, full-scale education, and education throughout the course.”

We attach importance to the ideological and political education and party building work of undergraduates, train activists of party application through grassroots party classes, plan as whole the branch construction and cadres training through grass-roots party branch organizational life, and promote party members’ progressiveness construction and theoretical learning through such activities as selection of excellent party branches and outstanding party member, theoretical knowledge contests, excellence creation and competition, etc. and strengthen construction of “learning-oriented, service-oriented, innovative” grass-roots party organizations. Department of Precision Instruments has witnessed emergence of a large number of advanced party branches and individuals with the proportion of party members in undergraduates reaching about 50%.

We conduct various forms of theme educational activities such as theme league activity, promote grass-roots class collective construction through appraisal of class A youth league branch and class with good style of study etc., carry out vivid publicity and educational work through such platforms as Department newspaper of “Jing Cai”, brief student work reports of Department of Precision Instruments, public WeChat number, everyone home page, etc. and strengthen the national defense classes’ visits to the revolutionary sites, tour and practice in the troops. Every year has witnessed emergence of a batch of advanced collectives such as Beijing Pioneer Cup league branch, Tsinghua University outstanding class group , etc.

Under the slogan of “universal proficiency, world-wide admiration”, we create distinctive system of social practices for Department of Precision Instruments, and guide students into the community, to understand grassroots and dedicate to the motherland through various forms of practices such as summer and winter practices, professional practices, weekend practices, production practices, alumni interviews, etc. Such boutique practice projects as “Spring Bud”, “Care for Girls”, “Supporting Education for Blind Children in Tibet” have successively won university practice gold medal and ranked as university brand supporting education team. In addition, “Precision Instrument Forum” series activities are also launched, which invites distinguished alumni in all industry sectors to have in-depth face to face communication with undergraduates and help them establish correct ideals to become useful persons and serve the country.

In the principle of “I choose, I sacrifice, I volunteer, I delight”, we carried out the National Library volunteer activities, hospice care activities of “The Quiet Beauty Of Autumn Leaves”, “Hear The sky” activities to go to the Haidian District CDPF deaf children rehabilitation center for supporting education, “Mizuki-Mail Box” to give care and guidance for students in remote areas and other volunteer services. Meanwhile, actively cooperating with such major events as campus volunteer guide, APEC, etc., we carry out volunteer recruitment and organization works, and spread the spirit of volunteerism in the service to form strong volunteer culture.

We build student technology innovation lab, host “Virtual Instrument Design Contest” and “Optoelectronic Design Competition” and other technology events, and organize students to actively participate in various competitions at university, municipal, national and international levels, becoming students’ main position for extracurricular technological innovation activities. Meanwhile, for the various events, we organize professional training to upgrade students’ technological level and innovation ability, so that students fully understand the wonder of academic and technology, to create a good atmosphere of science and technology.

We host a variety of recreational and sports activities. The annual freshman dance, Department singing contest provide the students with stages to extend individuality; the “December 9th” Choral Competition takes students to the passionate revolutionary years; the get-together of teachers and students enables teachers and students to share the joy of people of Department of Precision Instruments. Within the department, in the basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and other sports events, people of Department of Precision Instruments fight courageously with passion; outside the department, in the track meets jointly organized with other departments, the school “John Cup” sports meet and the Beijing City-level Games, people of Department of Precision Instruments also win medals with outstanding performance.

After four years of undergraduate training, about 70 % of the undergraduates will further study in this school or other domestic universities, about 20% will go abroad to study, about 10 % choose to work. Most students studying abroad are admitted into the world’s top universities, including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Oxford University, and University of California at Berkeley. Most undergraduates for direct employment go to research institutes, aerospace, equipment manufacturing and other key industries and large enterprises, where many young alumni have already stand out.