Department of Precision Instrument Holds 2021 Commencement Ceremony for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

On the afternoon of June 26th, the Department of Precision Instrument held its 2021 commencement ceremony for undergraduates and graduate students at the back hall of the main building of Tsinghua University. The ceremony was conducted in both offline and online formats. Academician Jin Guofan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Department Head Ouyang Zheng, Party Secretary Liu Qiang, Deputy Department Heads Wang Peng and Zhang Gaofei, Deputy Party Secretary Wu Qiuping, alumni representative Tian Jingfeng, graduate advisor representative Shi Luping, outstanding graduate advisors Zhu Rong, Zhu Jun, Yang Xing, undergraduate class advisor representative Li Peng, as well as all graduates of the Class of 2021 and some members of the Class of 2020, totaling over two hundred teachers and students, attended the ceremony onsite. Nearly seven hundred faculty, students, relatives, and friends from outside Beijing participated online. The ceremony was presided over by Deputy Party Secretary Wu Guanhao.

At the ceremony, Ouyang Zheng delivered a speech in which he extended heartfelt congratulations to all the graduates on their successful completion of their studies and fully affirmed the achievements and progress made by the students during their time at the university. He pointed out that Tsinghua not only imparts knowledge but also a weighty responsibility. As the students step into society, they should remember to uphold the Tsinghua spirit of actions speaking louder than words and the belief in continuous self-improvement. Ouyang Zheng, using his own experience of studying abroad as an entry point, guided the students to deeply consider the profound implications behind the current trend of "lying flat" and encouraged them to adjust their mindset while cultivating their inner strength, striving to contribute to the country and society. He wished the students new glories in their future life journeys!

Wang Peng announced the list of outstanding graduates from Beijing City and Tsinghua University, and offered congratulations to the award recipients. Ouyang Zheng, Liu Qiang, and graduate advisors presented awards to the outstanding graduates and took photos for remembrance. The graduation ceremony also included the presentation of the Department of Precision Instrument Outstanding Graduate Contribution Award, aimed at establishing and commending role models among the graduates, highlighting the power of exemplary leadership, and encouraging students to be willing to contribute and develop holistically. Zou Zhe, a recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Contribution Award, spoke on behalf of the awardees, expressing gratitude for the excellent academic environment and rich opportunities created by the school and the department.

Alumnus Tian Jingfeng from the class of 2001 of the Department of Precision Instrument, who currently serves as the director of a general research office at the China Academy of Space Technology Remote Sensing Satellite Division, spoke as an alumni representative. Combining his own educational and professional experiences, he expressed earnest hopes and sincere advice for the graduating class, wishing them to continue to carry forward the spirit of "striving for excellence and aiming for perfection" of the Department of Precision Instrument in their future studies, work, and life, contributing to national construction and economic development in their respective fields.

Undergraduate class advisor representative Li Peng expressed his heartfelt message to the undergraduate graduates, hoping that the growth experience at Tsinghua University would become an inexhaustible driving force for the students' future development, and expecting the Department of Precision Instrument students to find their own brilliant tomorrows! Graduate advisor representative Shi Luping expressed his blessings and hopes for the graduate students. He wished the students a clearer understanding of their own hearts, becoming individuals who benefit society. As the future is full of changes and the era is competitive, students from the Department of Precision Instrument at Tsinghua University should have a greater sense of responsibility and mission, not fear difficulties, and fully utilize the abilities and resilience learned at Tsinghua to explore infinite possibilities in a limited time.

Undergraduate representative Gao Yunhui and graduate representative Zhang Wenhui each spoke on behalf of all graduates, thanking their alma mater, mother department, and advisors for their nurturing, recalling their growth experiences at Tsinghua's Department of Precision Instrument, and the power of dreams, aspirations, and perseverance, indicating that in the future journey of life, they will combine their personal ideals with the country's development, live up to their youth, and take on heavy responsibilities. In addition, a video was played at the ceremony that reviewed the life trajectories left by the Class of 2021 undergraduates and graduate students in Tsinghua Garden and the Shenzhen International Graduate School. Through the format of old photo reminiscences and personal interviews, the video commemorated the students' time at Tsinghua and expressed their reluctance to part with their alma mater as they approached graduation.

Finally, all teachers and students present at the graduation ceremony took a group photo to commemorate the occasion, bringing the Department of Precision Instrument's 2021 graduation ceremony to a successful conclusion.