The Department of Precision Instrument at Tsinghua University Hosts "Striving for Excellence" Academic Forum and the 666th Doctoral Academic Forum of Tsinghua University

The Precision Instrumentation Department of Tsinghua University held the "Striving for Excellence" Academic Forum and the 666th Doctoral Academic Forum of Tsinghua University on June 11th and 12th, 2022. The forum was conducted online and featured notable guests including Academician Guo Guangcan from the University of Science and Technology of China, Academician Cui Tiejun from Southeast University, Vice President Hao Qun from Changchun University of Science and Technology, Dean of the School of Optoelectronics at Beijing Institute of Technology, and Distinguished Professor Hao Qun. Attending the forum were the head of the Precision Instrumentation Department, Liu Qiang, the party committee secretary Bai Benfeng, the deputy head Tan Yidong, the deputy party secretary Wu Guanhao, as well as doctoral advisors and current doctoral candidates from various research institutes within the department.

This forum broke through the geographical constraints of traditional academic conferences, focusing on "Instrument Science and Optical Engineering" as its theme. It featured 10 invited guest lectures, 2 career guidance seminars, 52 oral presentations, and 55 poster presentations, attracting active participation from over 500 faculty and students from well-known domestic and international universities, including Yonsei University in South Korea, Beihang University, Tianjin University, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

At the opening ceremony, Liu Qiang delivered a speech, expressing his hope that doctoral students would cherish the opportunity for academic training and exchange, to inspire academic thinking, and actively engage in discussions. During the invited lectures, Academician Guo Guangcan, Academician Cui Tiejun, Professor Hao Qun, and Professor Wang Chao from the Instrumentation Institute of the Precision Instrumentation Department presented academic reports on "Quantum Information Technology and Its Latest Progress," "Information Metamaterials and Their Applications," "Virtual-Real Integrated Transient Interferometry and Its Applications," and "Research and Application of Non-contact Online Monitoring Technology in Special Environments," respectively, broadening the horizons of attendees and providing a feast of scholarly discussion.

In addition to the expert academic presentations and graduate student discussions, the forum featured a career guidance lecture by Qiu Hongyun, CEO of Qingguangsu Vision (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., who shared her entrepreneurial journey and experiences. Moreover, the forum invited researcher Zhang Chi from the Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and council member of the China Micro-Nano Technology Society, to deliver a lecture on "Academic Career Planning: From Graduate Student to Young Scholar," in which he shared his experiences and advice on professional development.

The closing ceremony of the forum took place on the afternoon of June 12th, where six winners of the Best Oral Presentation and six winners of the Best Poster Presentation were selected and announced by Bai Benfeng.

The "Striving for Excellence" Doctoral Academic Forum of the Precision Instrumentation Department and the 666th Doctoral Academic Forum of Tsinghua University created a cloud-based academic feast and established an academic discussion platform for precision instrumentation universities and research institutions nationwide. It further strengthened academic exchanges in the field of precision instrumentation, expanded the academic influence of Tsinghua's Precision Instrumentation, and provided strong support for graduate students to broaden their academic horizons, develop their academic abilities, break academic barriers, and enhance their awareness of academic innovation.