The 8th virtual instrument design competition of Tsinghua University came to an end

In the morning on May 26, the 8th virtual instrument design competition of Tsinghua University was held on the Tsinghua University campus. Professor Wang Xue, associate professor Yang Dongchao, assistant professor Liu Yunfeng, senior engineer Wei Sijian, engineer Liu Yang and engineer Liu Mingzhu served as the judges.

Figure 1 the plays and judges

The competition was divided into the proposition group and the comprehensive group. The topic of proposition group was "My-the Kinect human-computer interaction". The main requirement was that the players could take advantage of the procedures to realize posture recognition quantitatively, such as standing at attention, stretching the left arm, and made the appropriate application. Five plays of the proposition group gave full play to the imagination and completed the outstanding works including Snake controlled by somatesthesia, the mechanical arm and music fountain controlled by gestures. In the end, "Dance Revolution", the works of Wu Tao’s group won the first of proposition group. The works of comprehensive group included idea of confrontation, the GPS software receiver and positioning system and the mouse pointer control system based on gesture recognition. Among them, “idea of confrontation”, completed by Zhu Taoyuanmin’s group captured the player's line of sight to control the movement of pieces on the board. The work eventually won the first prize in the comprehensive group.

The end of the competition, Professor Wang Xue commented on this competition. he praised the achievements of plays. at the same time, he encouraged the players to do even better.