Student Organizations

1. Introduction of the undergraduate work

Department of Precision Instrument Tsinghua University (DPI) regard the comprehensive development of students as the primary task of the undergraduate training. The core ideas are emphasizing on moral education, strengthening the learning of cultural knowledge, focusing on innovation capacity and encouraging a personality development. The students’ professional quality and moral character could be enhanced by classroom teaching. In addition, we guide students to establish correct outlook on life, enhance creative thinking ability and sense of mission responsibility depending on extracurricular education such as social practice, science and technology projects, volunteer services, recreational and sports activities.

In order to improve students' self-management ability, enrich the extracurricular lives and provide students with a broader exercise platform and the quality of development space, DPI attached great importance to the development of student organizations. After years of effort the student organizations including of the Communist Youth League, the Student Union, Association for Science and Technology have flourished.

The undergraduate work of DPI has made remarkable achievements. A large number of classes were named National and Beijing Excellent classes. Meanwhile many students won the first Chinese college students self-Star, outstanding students of Beijing and the highest scholarship in Tsinghua University. Moreover we achieved outstanding results in science and technology activities, social practice and volunteer services. The Communist Youth League of DPI was named the outstanding Communist Youth League of Beijing in 2011.

2. The outcome of the collective construction

The undergraduate collective construction of DPI has achieved remarkable results. Many class collectives are very excellent. In recent years, nearly 30 classes won the advanced classes of Tsinghua University. Some classes were named national outstanding classes and Beijing excellent classes.

Outstanding class picture

Outstanding class picture

3. The results of students' scientific and technological activities

Relying on science and technology activities and competitions, the undergraduate sense of innovation and innovative ability were strengthened. The fruitful results were achieved. Beginning in 1998, Mechanical Design and Innovation Competition of Tsinghua University has been held for the 13th. Currently it has become the most important competition of Tsinghua University. A large number of mechanical and creative talents were cultivated.

In the annual Tsinghua University Challenge of extracurricular science and technology Contest, DPI repeatedly won the Challenge Cup and Outstanding Organization Award. "Electric wooden dummy", "automatic robot" and many other items won first prize. In 2011, the "Mirage show" won the first prize of Tsinghua University Challenge Cup, the Grand Prize of virtual instrument Contest in China and the Grand Prize of NI global virtual instrument Contest.

Mirage show competing in NI global virtual instrument Contest in USA

The live demonstration of Electric wooden dummy

Table 1 the list outstanding student technology works

Name Awards Year First author
The fourth power of water The grand prize of Tsinghua University Challenge Cup 2008 Hu Hao
A small snow sweeper The first prize of National Undergraduate Mechanical Design and Innovation Competition 2008 Zhang Bo
Automatic robot The first prize of Tsinghua University Challenge Cup 2009 Cui Leqing
Electric wooden dummy The first prize of Tsinghua University Challenge Cup 2010 Song Tao
Mirage show The first prize of Tsinghua University Challenge Cup ;the Grand Prize of virtual instrument Contest in China;the Grand Prize of NI global virtual instrument Contest 2011 Xu Mohan

4. Social practice across the country

"Understanding the world, concerned about the world". Through social practice, the footprints of DPIM undergraduates spread all over various places of China. On annual holiday, the students leave the campus and go to various parts of China to participate in social practice. By social practice, the students receive education, increase their abilities and contribute to society.

In recent years, a large number of good practice projects and detachment emerged. "Spring Bud practice detachment" to public welfare has won the school gold medal Detachment and became the first brand detachment of Tsinghua University. Through the support of the State Family Planning Commission, "Caring for Girls Detachment" won the Gold Award twice. "Help blind children in Lhasa, Tibet Detachment "won the 2011 school gold medal, capital College Students Summer practice excellent results and "Ocean Sail" students' social practice incentive payments award.

"Spring Bud practice detachment"

"Help blind children in Lhasa, Tibet Detachment”

5. Volunteer service, Dedication of love

Awareness of social services is an important part of undergraduate training. After years of effort, DPI has formed a strong social services atmosphere. Students actively participate in voluntary public service including voluntary tour guides, alumni reception, event services, voluntary classes and other types of public service projects. Students have carried out accompanying encephalopathy children, voluntary classes for the children of migrant workers, National Library Service and many other volunteer activities.

During the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the students spontaneously organized a volunteer work group. Over 100 students become Olympic volunteers to provide services for athletes and spectators. Friendly service was all praise. Ultimately, one student awarded the title of "Outstanding Volunteer" by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee; three students were named outstanding students of the volunteer Olympic work in the capital education system.

In 2011, the number of students participating in the volunteer work was more than 700 and volunteer service hours are over 3000 hours. At present, the number of the three-star or above volunteers has more than 20 people.

Beijing Olympic Volunteers

Volunteer tour guides

6. A variety of extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are the important platform to show students style, cultivate a collective sense of honor and teamwork and improve the overall quality of students. Each year, DPIM will carry out a variety of student extra-curricular activities for students including choir competition, student party, and football game and so on. Students have the stage to show their style and Opportunity to exercise. In 2011, the Department won the second prize and other awards of Tsinghua University Choir Competition. Every year, many students participate in the Beijing International Marathon Championships.

Choir competition

Student party

7. Outstanding Student Activities

Undergraduate work created a favorable environment for the development of student. Many students won the first Chinese college students self-Star, outstanding students of Beijing and Tsinghua University Principal scholarship.

Tsinghua University Principal scholarship students

26 class Yin Songfeng; 55 class Hu Tianjian; 81 class Ma Donghan

Tsinghua University outstanding graduates

2007: Feng Can, Xiang Shaoqing; Yi Yao

2008: Ma Qiang

2009: Hu Tianjian, Ren Huaiyi

2010: Liu Jiannan, Zhang Fan, Yang Lin

2011: Chen Han, Chen Shuo; Wang Zehua