State Key Laboratory of Tribology

State Key Laboratory of Tribology (SKLT), Tsinghua University, was funded in 1986 and officially certificated in the November of 1988. SKLT is a state key laboratory whose construction was authorized by the former State Planning Commission of P.R. China and Ministry of Education of P.R.China. Under the supervision of the academic committee, the director is responsible to the whole affairs of the laboratory. Prof. Luo Jianbin from Tsinghua University is the present director of SKLT. Prof. Zhong Jue, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, from Central South University is the present chair of the Academic Committee of SKLT.

The laboratory focuses on fundamental researches on theory and application of tribology and micro/nanomanufacturing. It also carries out related technology development and consultation services. Its research areas cover friction, wear, lubrication, sealing, surface and interface, micro/nano-manufacturing, intelligent machinery, biomechanics, micro/nano-photonic devices, etc. SKLT undertakes a lot of research projects including the National Major Projects, the National Basic Research Program (973), the Hi-tech Research and Development Program of China(863), the Major and Key Research Programs of NSFC, the Creative Research Program, international cooperation projects, and entrusted programs from companies. Research results have significantly contributed to the developments of science, technology and national economy. The laboratory is a leading center for research and education of tribology and micro/nano-manufacturing in China.

SKLT is a multi-discipline institution, composed of a central laboratory and 4 sub-laboratories. The SKLT has 84 faculties including 28 full professors, 34 associate professors, and 34 post-doctoral fellows. Among them there are 64 doctors, accounting for 76%. Up to now SKLT has two members of Chinese Academy of Science, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, a foreign member of Russian Academy of Engineering, four Yangtze River Scholars and 4 Distinguished Young Scholars. SKLT is composed of excellent scholars and high-tech talented researchers.

Since 1988, SKLT has been granted two National Natural Science Awards, two National Invention Awards, one National Award for Science and Technology Progress, two National Excellent Science Book Awards, 25 awards from ministries or provinces of China, Edmond E. Bisson Award in 2003 from STLE, the 2008 PE Publishing Prize by the Editor and Editorial Board of the Journal of Engineering Tribology. Over 2,000 papers were published, among them more than 800 were indexed in the SCI database. 12 academic books were published including two English books. By now SKLT has more than 70 licensed invention patents. In the past 5 years, SKLT has taken on over 220 research projects.

Since its establishment, SKLT has trained a large number of post-doctoral fellows, Ph.D. and M.Sc. students. More than 100 post-doctoral fellows worked in SKLT. Over 400 Ph.D. candidates studied / are studying in the lab., more than 200 received their Ph.D. degrees. More than 400 graduate students studied / are studying for M.Sc. degree, and 300 received their M.Sc. degrees. Four thesises were awarded the Excellent Dissertation of China. SKLT has established many professional teaching and experimental courses for undergraduate students and graduate students majoring in mechanical manufacturing, mechanical design and MEMS engineering. Graduates from SKLT are playing an active and important role in international academic fields, state-owned enterprises and institutions, and famous international corporations.

SKLT is an open laboratory to all scientists worldwide. It provides financial support for scholars worldwide to do research work in the laboratory through a tribology science fund every year. For the research projects approved by the academic committee, the laboratory provides financial supports and research facilities. Since 1988, more than 180 projects have been supported by the Tribology Science Fund, and more than 200 visiting scholars and research scientists have finished their research work in the laboratory. The Tribology Science Fund has promoted the academic exchange in tribology field. More than 200 research papers have been published under the financial support of the fund. SKLT opens its major equipment to the society. Since its establishment, SKLT has served for the public more than 110 thousand hours. Now with its annual serving time more than 10 thousand hours, SKLT will continue to contribute to the development of China.

SKLT has undertaken many international collaborating projects. Under the approval of Ministry of Science and Technology in 2007, an international cooperation center of science and technology was founded in SKLT. SKLT has established long-term collaborative relationships with many famous universities and academic organizations of USA, UK, Germany, Japan etc. SKLT periodically hosts international conferences. There have been many oversea scholars visiting, studying and doing research works in SKLT.

During the booming development of SKLT, several research teams have been formed and strengthened, which consisting an effective and efficient unity. These teams play an active role in teaching and researching. SKLT is awarded as the creative group by Ministry of Education in 2005, and the creative research group by National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2007.