Institute of Opto-electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University

The Institute of Opto-electronic Engineering (IOEE), Tsinghua University, was founded in 1958, tracing back to its predecessor – the Optical Instruments Teaching & Research Group. In 1981, IOEE was identified as one of the first authorized institutes that may have PhD program education in China. In 1988, the Optical Engineering in IOEE was identified as a Key Discipline, when the post-doctoral research site was approved and the central laboratory of Tsinghua subdivision of the State Key Laboratory of Precision Measurement Technology and Instruments was established. In both the Key Discipline Ranking by Ministry of Education in 2001 and the Ranking of National First-class Discipline in 2003, IOEE was assessed to be the top one in Optical Engineering discipline. So far, our institute has more than 20 running national research projects (such as the “973” projects, “863” projects, “National Key Basic Research” projects, and NSFC projects), more than 50 published journal papers indexed by SCI in every year, and 2 PhD dissertations awarded the National Top 100 Distinguished Doctoral Dissertations.

IOEE currently has 18 staff members, including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (Prof. Guofan JIN), 6 professors, and 6 associate professors. The famous optical scientist, Academician Prof. Daheng WANG, is our part-time professor. The former president of the Chinese National Institute of Metrology, Prof. Kegong ZHAO, is our visiting professor.

The research of IOEE always focuses on the international academic frontiers. By continuous effects and innovation, we aim to develop IOEE as a world-class institute of Optical Engineering. For a long time, we have been conducting systematic and in-depth research in areas such as the principle and design of opto-electronic instruments, the theory and system of precision metrology and measurement, modern optical information processing and the theory and components of binary optics, and the birefringent frequency-splitting lasers. We have made a series of significant academic achievements in these areas. Meanwhile, we also attach importance to the R&D of technologies that are highly demanded in the social development of our country.

IOEE possesses around 1000 m2 laboratories, equipped with advanced instruments and facilities worth several tens of million RMB. It serves as a good platform for conducting high-level research and training postgraduate students.