Engineering Research Center for Navigation Technology

The Engineering Research Center for Navigation Technology was founded in 2000. It can be traced back to the research group of Navigation and Automatic Control established in 1958, over half a century ago. The center currently consists of 18 staffs, including 4 professors, 7 associate professors, 2 assistant professors, 3 post-doctorate fellows and 2 engineers, as well as more than 30 master and Ph.D candidates. They undertake 8 courses with 6 for the graduate students and 2 for the undergraduate students. This center belongs to the subject of “Instrument Science and Technology”. The goal of the center is to pursuit excellence in the research and development in the field of high-accuracy inertial instrument and navigation technology, as well as in MEMS inertial sensor field, and to provide advanced training for future scientists and engineers in the field of inertial technology.

At present, the Defense Key Laboratory of high-accuracy inertial instrument and system, the Ministry of Education, acts as a supporting platform for scientific research in the center. The main research interests of the center include high-accuracy inertial instrument and navigation technology, MEMS inertial sensor and system, precise electro-mechanical control system and its application. Many excellent papers have been published in academic journals both in China and internationally. We also had won 5 provincial and ministerial level scientific awards including 1 Award for Advancement in Science and Technology of Ministry of Education (first class) and 1 Award for Advancement in Science and Technology of Beijing (first class). In recent years, some new research interests have also been involved in the center, such as high-resolution space accelerometer, gravity gradiometer, etc.

Fig.1 MEMS gyroscope

Fig.2 MEMS accelerometer

Fig.3 MEMS IMU and INS

The center now has a floor space of 2900 square meters for scientific research. There are about 550 square meters clean rooms with different class of cleanness in it. It offers advanced hardware and software environment for design, simulation, fabrication and test of inertial instrument and inertial navigation system. At present, the overall value of the instruments and equipments in the center is more than 50 million of Chinese Yuan.

Fig.4 Test Equipments of MEMS Inertial Sensor

The center is one of the founders and executive members of Chinese Society of Inertial Technology. For years it has been playing a significant role for training the young talents who will advance the research and technological innovations in inertial technology. It is also active in international academic exchanges of leading inertial technologies with famous foreign universities and research institutions, including scholar-exchange programs, education of international students and participation in international academic conferences.

Address:Tsinghua University Engineering Research Center for Navigation Technology

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