Center for Photonics and Electronics


The Center for photonics and electronics explores the frontier of laser and photonic technology at the international scope, and endeavors to develop the scientific research and technological applications. All the staff of the center, with sincerity and unity, is being innovative and realistic in the research. The center has undertaken a series of important projects including the "973", “863”, National Innovation Project, Major Project of China, The National Key Technology R&D Program, Major Equipment Development for SG-III facility, Supporting Model Research Project and international cooperation. The center is sufficiently equipped with well-conditioned hardware, including 250-m2 super clean rooms for the experiments as well as complete sets of advanced laser instruments and equipment, providing a favorable environment for the development of laser and photonics technologies. In recent years, major progresses have been made in the research of solid-state lasers, fiber optics, adaptive optics and laser detection.

Main directions:

1. Solid-state Lasers: high-brightness solid-state lasers, liquid-convection-cooled high power solid-state laser, miniature solid-state lasers, UV lasers, mid and far-infrared lasers, and ultra-short pulse laser technology.

2. Fiber optics: high power continuous-wave fiber lasers, high energy pulsed fiber lasers, high power pump coupling for fiber lasers, beam combination of fiber lasers, supercontinuum fiber laser, and ultra-short pulsed fiber laser technology.

3. Adaptive optics: real-time correction of dynamic wavefront aberration based on adaptive optics, close-loop control of large-aperture wavefront aberration with nanometer precision, large-aperture continuous wavefront control technology based on supportive matrix and dynamic influence function, high precision fabrication of large-aperture deformable mirror and its compensation, fine surface adjustment and aberration compensation technology for large-aperture deformable mirror.

4. Laser detection: New laser range finder, weak laser signal processing technique, single-photon detection, etc.


Currently the center has 9 faculty members including 4 professors, 2 associate professors and 3 assistant professors, while there are 2 postdoctoral researchers.

The center provides a total of 12 courses for undergraduate and graduate students, and currently it has 23 PhD students and 5 master students. In addition, the center has ever offered degrees to 36 PhDs and 41 masters, among which one won the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award and the Beijing Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award, while another one received the 2012 Chorafas Foundation Award that is one of the most influential academic awards in Europe for young scientists, established by Dimitri N. Chorafas Foundation. Besides, there are three alumni who won the Outstanding Young Scientist Award at Tsinghua University while another two were nominated.


The center published more than 150 SCI-indexed journal papers and more than 60 authorized Chinese invention patents in the last five years.

In 2010, the program “Pump methods and output characteristics of all-solid-state lasers” was conferred the Second Class Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education of China. In 2012, the program “Research on pulsed fiber laser technology” won the First Class Military Science and Technology Progress Award, while the program “Infrared optical parametric laser technology” was awarded the First Class Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education of China.