Department of Precision Instrumentation Holds Spring 2024 Work Planning and Mid-to-Long Term Development Strategy Seminar

From March 22 to 23, the Department of Precision Instrumentation convened its Spring 2024 Work Planning and Mid-to-Long Term Development Strategy Seminar. More than 20 individuals, including Bai Benfeng, Secretary of the Department Party Committee, Liu Qiang, the Department Head, members of the joint meeting of the Party and government, heads of various institutions, leaders of each academic direction, and directors of research institutes, attended the meeting, which was chaired by Liu Qiang and Bai Benfeng.

The meeting focused on the theme of "high-quality development of the Department of Precision Instrumentation." Deputy Directors of the Department Wang Peng, Tan Yidong, and Zhang Gaofei gave keynote speeches on topics such as the cultivation of top-notch engineering and innovative talent under the new circumstances, the construction of platforms aimed at major national needs, organized scientific research, and the development of high-level faculty teams combining introduction and cultivation. They systematically reviewed and analyzed the current situation and challenges faced by the Department of Precision Instrumentation and proposed key points and measures for the next steps in the work.

During the discussion session, leaders of each academic direction, directors of research institutes, and members of the Party and government teams focused on the theme, in line with the university's work plan for 2024 and key areas such as artificial intelligence research. They expressed their views on the Department's strategic direction and planning for discipline development, organized scientific research and research platform construction, improvement of talent cultivation quality, high-end talent recruitment and high-level team building, as well as thoughts and measures on leading high-quality development with high-quality party-building. The participants engaged in in-depth thinking and offered advice on the mid-to-long term development strategy of the Department from different dimensions, such as team development, discipline development, department development, university development, serving major national needs, and leading the international academic frontier, contributing to the strategic planning for the high-quality development of the Department.

Liu Qiang pointed out that the Department of Precision Instrumentation has entered a new stage of development, facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. This work planning session focused on the comprehensive action blueprint for high-quality development of the Department, discussing and analyzing strategic issues for the development of the Department over the next 5 to 10 years. It further consolidated consensus, clarified the roadmap, and defined the approach and key points for high-quality development at the current stage. The main suggestions and opinions formed during the meeting will be reflected in the Department's work plan for 2024 and beyond.

Bai Benfeng concluded the meeting. He noted that since the discipline adjustment in 2012, the Department of Precision Instrumentation has gradually carved out a research development path with its own characteristics, and teams with strategic scientific vision have emerged. This work planning session allowed participants to pool their wisdom and build consensus, laying a solid foundation for the Department's future development. Under the new circumstances, we must accurately grasp our historical position, aim at major national strategic needs and the university's important plans, carry the mission of strengthening the country and the responsibility of higher education, follow through with one blueprint, take a distinctive path, tell the Precision Instrumentation story well, and promote high-quality development.