The Precision Instrumentation Department's Trade Union Holds "Welcoming the Spring Festival by Writing Couplets" Event

On January 22, 2023, the Precision Instrumentation Department's branch of the Trade Union held a "Welcoming the New Year by Writing Couplets" event. The activity invited Tian Qian, the former director of the university history research office and former party secretary of the Precision Instrumentation Department; Wang Boxiong, editor-in-chief of Tsinghua University's "He Yun Poetry Garden" and retired professor of the Precision Instrumentation Department; and Zhao Kaichun, the vice-chairman of the Precision Instrumentation Department's Trade Union. While extending New Year's greetings and good wishes to the faculty and staff, the event also helped to create a joyous and auspicious festive atmosphere. More than 20 members of the department's trade union participated in the activity.

The event was bustling with excitement as teachers Tian Qian and Wang Boxiong wielded their brushes to write blessings, crafting couplets filled with auspicious wishes for all. From "Welcoming Spring and Fortune" to "Whole Family's Well-being," from "Peace Throughout the Seasons" to "Safe and Joyful," each couplet carried the hopes and wishes of the people. While conveying the strong flavor of the New Year, they also brought New Year blessings to the teachers.