The Precision Instrumentation Department Holds a Counselor Alumni Symposium

On the afternoon of December 14, 2023, the Precision Instrumentation Department held a counselor alumni symposium in Room 401 of the 9003 Building. More than 30 outstanding counselor representatives from various periods gathered to reminisce about their unforgettable work experiences as counselors and discussed the impact of the "dual-shoulder" political counselor system on their lives. The discussion was attended by Liang Qiang, the head of the Precision Instrumentation Department, and Bai Benfeng, the party secretary, and was chaired by Wu Guanhao, the deputy party secretary of the department.

At the beginning of the symposium, Liang Qiang detailed the construction achievements and development plans of the Precision Instrumentation Department over the past ten years in terms of disciplinary direction, talent training, education and teaching, and achievement transformation. He pointed out that the department is deeply implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, focusing on the nation's major needs, accurately grasping the direction of scientific and technological development, maintaining integrity and innovation, and continuously promoting the high-quality development of the precision instrumentation cause.

Wu Guanhao introduced the student work development in the Precision Instrumentation Department from the perspective of building a collaborative education system that deeply integrates "comprehensive education" and "five educations in parallel" and expressed gratitude for the hard work of the counselors during their tenure and their long-term attention to the department.

In the free exchange session, counselor alumni and current teachers and students enthusiastically shared their unforgettable experiences as "dual-shoulder" counselors. Bai Yongyi, an alumnus from the class of 1965 who served as an undergraduate counselor for the Precision Instrumentation Department in 1978, started from her original intention of becoming a counselor and reviewed her career. She mentioned that "though the tasks and content of counselor work vary at different stages, what remains constant is 'cultivating people,' which means cultivating oneself and students." Jian Jiqi, an alumnus from the class of 2000 and a former doctoral student, who served as an assistant for graduate student moral education in 2002, shared his insights and experiences of "dual-shoulder, dual-promotion" based on his counselor experience and professional development after graduation. Yang Huizhong, an alumnus from the class of 2007 who served as an undergraduate counselor for the Precision Instrumentation Department in 2012, mentioned that the counselor work was a very important opportunity for practice that benefited him greatly in his later life. Counselor alumni such as Lu Wenshuai and Zhou Lei also shared their reflections and gains from their work in "dual-shoulder" positions.

In the summary of the event, Bai Benfeng emphasized that counselor work is about educating others and oneself, with the most impressive and rewarding aspect being the cultivation of students. He encouraged all attendees to continue the glorious tradition of the "dual-shoulder" political counselor, keeping the banner of "both red and professional, comprehensively developed" flying high.