The Young Faculty Salon of the Precision Instrument Department was held.

The Precision Instrumentation Department's Young Faculty Salon was held on December 9, 2021, in the 401 conference room of the 9003 building. The salon was organized by the department's comprehensive office, which invited Professor Fan Fumin from Tsinghua University's Department of Psychology, Dean Wang Yan from the Technology Transfer Research Institute, and Zhang Yan, the senior executive of technology transfer, to provide guidance. The event was attended by Wu Guanhao, the deputy secretary of the party committee of the Precision Instrumentation Department, Zhang Gaofei, the deputy head of the department, and 26 young faculty members. The salon was hosted by Tan Yidong, the deputy head of the Precision Instrumentation Department.

Wang Yan started the discussion with the history of intellectual property and technology transfer at the school, giving a detailed introduction of the school's technology transfer service system. She explained the process of how an achievement is transformed into practical application and used cases to enhance understanding, detailing the precise and efficient matching services provided by the Technology Transfer Research Institute, offering faculty members a choice of high-quality school platform resources.

Professor Fan Fumin analyzed the sources of our everyday worries, which include various pressures, relationships, and personal development issues. She discussed the issue of the increasing proportion of depression among university students and the tense student-guidance relationship, explaining that mental health is a dynamic process. In interviewing students, she emphasized the importance of communication and understanding students' self-awareness to gauge their mental health condition. She indicated that teachers should guide students with an emphasis on career development, encouraging students to pay attention to career planning and choices, expanding the dimensions by which students are evaluated, recognizing the efforts students make, and letting students feel their teachers' attention and care.

Associate Professor Zhao Xiaoguang from the Precision Instrumentation Department shared his experience in applying for the Ministry of Science and Technology's Young 973 Project, "Silicon-Based Thick Metal MEMS Manufacturing Process." He gave a detailed presentation on how to distill scientific problems, design technical routes, clarify the logical relationships among various tasks, and ensure that the research content meets the requirements of the guidelines.

In his summary speech, Zhang Gaofei stated that the Precision Instrumentation Department would continue to pay attention to healthy student-guidance relationships, promote the conversion of innovative achievements into real productivity, and constantly improve the quality of project applications as well as services for teaching, scientific research, and faculty.

The salon was conducted in the form of special lectures and discussion exchanges, with the participating teachers expressing that they had benefited greatly.