Department of Precision Instrument held 2019 young teacher teaching training meeting

In order to better promote the reform of the teaching curriculum system of the Department of Precision Instrument, improve the quality of the courses of the Department, and implement the spirit of the theme of "do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission". On the afternoon of October 24th, DPI held the 2019 young teaching training meeting for young teachers in the conference room of the department building. More than 30 young teachers attended the meeting, including Liu Qiang, secretary of the party committee and Wang Peng, deputy director of the department.

At the meeting, Wang Peng spoke first, he pointed out that young teachers are the new force in the teaching team, and the purpose of holding the teaching training meeting for young teachers is to improve the teaching level of young teachers and the quality of courses in DPI through communicating and summarizing.

Subsequently, Wang boxiong, famous teacher of Beijing, one of the retired teachers of DPI, who was the director of “National Excellent Courses” and winner of the “Sixth ‘Good Teacher and Helpful Friend’ Award” of Tsinghua University, made a report entitled "Teaching Practice Talk". The report began with "What to learn? What to teach? How to teach?". This paper expounds the concept of teaching and learning from three aspects. He hoped that the young teachers should keep in mind what are the characteristics of the very subject in teaching, and build a reasonable knowledge structure and a solid foundation of knowledge for the students. The teaching mode and means should be diversified and avoid being dogmatic. The teaching content should be rich, full of vigor and vitality, in order to stimulate students' interest in learning.

Next, Wu guanhao, associate professor of DPI, the first prize winner of the Beijing youth teaching competition in 2019, gave a report titled "Some Experience on the Youth Teaching Competition and Mixed Teaching Method". The report introduced the youth teaching competition from the overall situation, competition preparation and other aspects, and he also explained the problems encountered in the preparation process and corresponding solutions. At the same time, he introduced the effect, advantages and disadvantages of mixed teaching method in detail from the aspects of teaching purpose, teaching method, teaching effect, student reflection and so on. After the report, the young teachers spoke enthusiastically and had a heated discussion. The two speakers answered their questions seriously one by one.

After the teaching training report, on behalf of the teaching supervision group of DPI, Professor Dong yonggui introduced the situation of teaching supervision to the attended teachers, as well as the main teaching problems found in the process of the supervision. Besides, he put forward some suggestions for improvement.

Finally, Liu qiang made a concluding speech, pointing out that it is of great significance to hold the training meeting for young teachers. Young teachers should actively participate in teaching, attach importance to teaching, and improve the teaching quality by learning and summarizing experience of the excellent teachers.