Department of Precision Instrument Held the 2020 Graduate Employment Online Forum

On the evening of March 5, the Department of Precision Instruments held the 2020 Graduate Employment Online Forum. Participants included Ouyang Zheng, head of department, Liu Qiang, party committee secretary, Wang Peng, deputy party committee secretary, Wu Guanhao, deputy party committee secretary, head of student group, head of researcher group, student affairs director, graduate moral education assistant, undergraduate counselor and more than 20 graduate representatives. The forum was chaired by Wu Guanhao.

At the forum, Liu Qiang pointed out that the DPI attached great importance to the employment of graduates. Special group was established immediately, responded to the school's call, carefully discussing the problems may occur affected by the COVID-19. He emphasized that students should not only be confident to overcome the epidemic and graduate successfully, but also follow the advice of DPI. Teachers from whole department will escort the students to overcome obstacles. Wang Peng introduced the specific plans for graduation work in the teaching towards undergraduates, graduate students, and some students jointly trained with Mianyang Ninth Academy and Tianjin Research Institute, reminding students to discuss graduation issues with their mentors actively. Wu Guanhao introduced the overall situation of the 2020 graduates and the employment work plan. While adopting a pull-net dynamic monitoring and management strategy and providing all kinds of employment resources, DPI also carefully served government selected students and established online career counseling and consulting services to ensure employment quality. The graduate representatives then spoke freely, and the participated teachers and students warmly discussed the issues raised by the students. In the end, Ouyang Zheng pointed out in his concluding remarks that no matter how the epidemic affects, the DPI will try its best to protect the graduation and employment of students, while ensuring the graduation standards and quality. Students should reflect the responsibilities of Tsinghua spirit, discovering and seizing opportunities during the crisis. Mentors should also provide effective guidance and frequent communication to lay the foundation for graduates to steadily advance scientific research and graduate smoothly.