Department of Precision Instrument Won the First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Chinese Society of Measurement

Recently, the "5.20 Anniversary of World Metrology Day and Scientific and Technological Progress Award Commendation of Chinese Society of Measurement" was held in the China Hall of Science and Technology. The first prize of Scientific and Technological Progress was won by the project of "High-speed Multi-axis High-resolution Laser Interferometry Technology and Instrument" completed by Dr. Li Yan and Dr. Wei Haoyun’s lab in the Department of Precision Instrument.

Laser interference measurement is one of the most effective methods to achieve ultra-precision measurement and control as well as micro-nano scale measurement. It is a significant way to achieve traceable nanometer measurement and an indispensable key technology to achieve the advanced measurement nationally. The project was aimed at the requirements of high dynamic, high resolution, cross-scale and traceable measurement, which occur in applications such as basic and ultra-precision measurement and control of lithography machine, precision CNC machine and advanced scientific instruments. Research has been conducted on common scientific and technological issues in the principle, method and instrumentation of laser interference measurement. Breakthroughs were achieved towards a series of key technical bottlenecks and a full-chain solution covering new measurement methods, systems and instruments was formed. The project has been authorized more than 20 invention patents and published more than 30 SCI literatures. The project resulted in an enriched theory and technology of laser interferometry, improved performance indicators of interferometry as well as an expanded application field.

The "Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Chinese Society of Measurement" is the provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress award registered in the National Office for Science and Technology Awards, which is the highest award in the Chinese metrology community. It is required for the application of first prize that the overall technology has been formally applied for more than three years and has achieved great economic or social benefits. The interferometer components and measurement systems developed by this project have been successfully applied to the development of lithography equipment and advanced scientific instrument and basic metrology scientific research. It broke the monopoly of foreign advanced laser interferometry instruments and export controls towards China. It also provides excellent performance and unrestricted measurement and traceability capability for the development of China's advanced equipment and instruments.