2019 Discipline Construction Seminar and New Semester Work Exchange Meeting Held by Department of Precision Instruments

From March 9 to 10, the "13th Five-Year Plan" discipline construction seminar and new semester work exchange meeting were held by Department of Precision Instruments. After earnestly analyzing and summarizing the work in 2018, disciplinary construction, team building, personnel training, building renovation, future construction and development of 2019 have been carefully discussed and deployed. The head of the department, Ouyang Zheng, and other members including the heads of the teams, the heads of the institutes (centers) and the branch secretary attended the meetings chaired by Liu Qiang, secretary of the party committee.

Before the meeting, members of leader team made serious preparations for the key tasks and work ideas. At the meeting, head of each team reported, respectively, the achievements, problems and development concerning the construction of the 13th Five-Year Plan. Participants focused on how to build consensus, improve mechanisms, and increasing the enthusiasm of all teachers in the discipline construction work.

Ouyang Zheng stressed that focusing on the school's development goals and strategic deployment, further improving the development of the fine instrument industry and discipline construction is the main work in the near future. All members should make efforts on discipline construction, faculty promotion, team building and talent development. The year of 2019 is a key time point of the construction of the "13th Five-Year plan". Full contributions should be devoted to taking advantage of the characteristics and advantages of the discipline. The faculty should care about not only the frontier of science and technology in the world, but also the main battlefield of the economy, the major needs of the country and major science and technology projects that are related to the overall situation of the country in the long-term. In addition, we must adhere to the two disciplines seeking common ground while reserving differences and synergistic development in the process of discipline construction.

At the meeting, the heads of the institutes and teams exchanged ideas and understandings in depth, spoke freely, carefully analyzed key difficulties, discussed and discussed the work, and focused on the overall development goals of the precision instrument system, keeping up with the pace of the “Double-Tops” construction of Tsinghua University. Consensus has been reached in many aspects such as organizational construction, discipline construction, personnel training, team building, platform construction and building renovation and transformation.