Career Development Center offers career advice and support to graduating students

With the graduation season approaching, Tsinghua’s Career Development Center has offered a series of services to help the graduating students prepare for graduation and job search.

For this graduation season, 527 students from financially disadvantaged families received a gift from the center: a suit tailored for them.

"We hope that all students can have equal resources to build their professional image, establish professional self-confidence, and enhance their employment competitiveness,” said Xu Guangyao, a teacher with the Center.

On May 19, the Center opened three consulting rooms where graduating students on campus can seek career counseling and job interview tips. Also, they can book these rooms for their job interviews.

"The consultation rooms are well-equipped with good sound insulation. With the career counseling from the teachers at the center, I felt very at ease during the interviews,” said a graduating student who recently took part in online job interviews.

By Guo Lili, Sangeet