Health workers: guardians to keep Tsinghua community safe

A team of 70 health workers has been working tirelessly from early morning to late evening every day to carry out nucleic acid tests on campus since Tsinghua University implemented epidemic prevention and control measures following the latest outbreak of Covid-19 infections in Beijing.

The team is comprised of doctors, nurses and management and logistics service personnel of Tsinghua University Hospital.

Regardless of the hot weather, these health workers, wearing protective suits, station themselves at eight Covid-19 testing stations across campus and conduct daily Covid-19 tests on more than 35,000 on-campus residents, including Tsinghua students, faculty, and staff members.

As the battle against Covid-19 continues in Beijing, Tsinghua University has mobilized all its resources to ensure a safe learning environment on campus.

By Guo Lili, Sangeet