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2024 English Doctoral Program in Environmental Science and Engineering

1. Overview of the Program

Aiming at the development of technical and sustainable solutions that minimize the impact of human activities on the environment, the English Doctoral Program in Environmental Science, Engineering and Management covers the areas of environmental engineering and science, and environmental management and planning.

The program is designed to train students with solid theoretical and systematic professional knowledge and the skills in the field of environmental engineering and management, and to prepare to approach the forefront of environmental engineering and management with a combination of coursework and research components. Highly flexible learning is a distinguishing feature of this program that allows the development of either intensive or broadened abilities of the students.

2. Required Qualification of Applicants

(1) Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport.

(2) Applicants for doctoral program should have a Master’s Degree or an equivalent degree to a Master’s Degree (or above) in China. Their degrees should be in Environmental Science and Engineering, Environmental Economics and Management, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or other relevant fields. In principle,the degree diploma awarded by overseas universities should be authenticated by Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, Ministry of Education, P.R. China (http://zwfw.cscse.edu.cn/).

For information on the required documents for Bachelor degree holders who wish to pursue Doctoral degrees, please refer to the below link:


Applicants should hold a bachelor degree, which was obtained through a formal 4-year program with at least 100 credits or 30 courses. The master degree should be a formal program with at least 18 credits or 6 courses. The overall average of required courses should be ≧70%. No more than 5 courses have scores lower than 60%.

(3) Applicants should be in good health and of good character (meet the physical examination requirements stipulated by the country and THU), be well-behaved and be willing to abide by China's laws and regulations, as well as Tsinghua’s rules.

(4) Language skills requirements:

For NON- English native speakers, ONE of the following conditions shall be met.

a. Major courses in undergraduate period were given in English and this shall be clearly stated in the applicants’ transcripts


b. Applicants provide the transcript of either TOEFL (minimum 90 for overall score and 23 for writing component) or IELTS (minimum 6.5 for overall score and 6.0 for writing component) or equivalent.

Note: The applicant shall carefully check whether he / she meets the application qualification and application requirements before applying. The relevant consequences arising from his / her failure to meet the application qualification and application requirements shall be borne by the applicant himself / herself.

3. How to Apply

Applicants should complete an Online Application on the website of the THU Graduate Programs Application System for International Students (http://gradadmission.tsinghua.edu.cn) during the designated THU application period. Applicants should fill in the application information online, upload the application documents to the Online Application System, and pay the application fee online at the time of submission.

· Application Schedule (Beijing Time)

1st Round:   NOW——17:00 PM Dec 15, 2023

2nd Round :   8:00 AM Jan 1, 2024——17:00 PM Mar 1, 2024

☆ The winter break of THU will be from Jan 25 ,2024 to Feb 21,2024. The application system will still be available during the winter break, but online verification might be delayed due to the vacation. Applicants are therefore recommended to complete their application at least two or three weeks in advance.

· Application Documents and Remarks

Please refer to the below link:


4. Scholarship

(1) Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS): The Full CGS usually covers tuition, stipend, on-campus accommodation (or accommodation subsidy), and medical insurance. The Partial CGS includes one or a few items in the Full CGS. Annual Review is strictly required for all CGS holders.

(2) Tuition Scholarship: For example, the Beijing Government Scholarship for International Students, covers full or partial tuition fee with a duration of one academic year. Applicants may apply for Tuition Scholarships annually (competitive).

For further information about Chinese Government Scholarship and Tuition Scholarship, please refer to the below link:


(3) School of Environment Top-up Scholarship: To support those who have not been granted the full scholarship and are not in a good economic condition, accommodation fee could be fully covered by the school after a full consideration of the applicants’ potential in study and research. The amount is RMB 2200 /month. The students, who already get full scholarship from other sources, will NOT be supported.

5. Campus Life

SOE is a friendly and welcoming community where students can get involved in a variety of clubs and activities. Students may choose from more than 100 student associations of the university and activities, such as sports competition, community service, social and environmental awareness, New Year’s party, tourist visits to Chinese cultural and historical destinations, concerts etc.

SOE also hosts a variety of academic events that are open to all the students across the country, such as the National Doctoral Candidates Conference and Tsinghua Environmental-Friendly Science & Technology Competition.

Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, so that they can achieve a well-rounded development.

The School of Environment launched the International Student Ambassador Program in 2016. Ambassadors are assigned a group of incoming students, to whom they provide guidance on a range of matters relating to studying and living in China.

6. Contact information

SOE International Office: Ms. JIANG Aina

E-mail: hjxgs@tsinghua.edu.cn

Tel: 0086-10-62796342