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As one of the earliest Chinese institutions dedicated to environmental higher education and research, the School of Environment (SOE) of Tsinghua University (THU) is pledged to the development of sustainable solutions that allows minimizing the impact of human activities on environment. Its commitment also includes educating people to embrace the idea of sustainability.

SOE conducts research in a wide arrange of fields, including water supply, wastewater treatment, air pollution control, solid wastes management, environmental chemistry, microbiology, hydrology, ecology, energy and resources, environmental simulation, and environmental management and policy. SOE has provided technical and theoretical support for China in solving big environmental problems and implementing sustainable development. After years of effort, SOE has established a scientific and comprehensive system of education, focusing on disciplines of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Municipal Engineering, Radioactive Protection and Environmental Protection. Each year hundreds of the most talented students were matriculated, many of them had become outstanding figures in the environmental field.

SOE has established exchanges and cooperation with many world class universities, organizations and enterprises in terms of mutual visits, collaborative scientific research and joint education programs.

As the conflicts between people’s efforts to improve living conditions and nature’s own balance is increasing at an ever increasing speed, we identify more and more responsibilities on our shoulders and a more challenging mission for us to fulfill. Aiming at national environmental strategy and international environmental frontier, we will continuously strive for building up a world-class environmental discipline with distinctive research characteristics, advanced scientific facilities, outstanding personnel and an innovative management system.

We sincerely look forward to your support.


The mission of the School of Environment at Tsinghua University manifests itself in the areas of education, research, and service. Mission statements include:

To provide a broadly based and high quality green education that prepares future leaders in industry, academia, and government with a strong sense of sustainable development and environmental protection;
To conduct cutting-edge theoretical and applied research that advances the state of environmental profession and improves the engineering principles and practices;
To contribute expertise and service to the profession, society, and government for solving pressing societal problems, promoting sustainable development of China, and addressing important global environmental challenges.