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Collaborative Programs

Joint/Dual Degree Programs

Tsinghua-Yale Dual Master Degree Program
Tsinghua – école des Ponts Dual Master Degree Program
Tsinghua –University of Michigan Joint Bachelor and Master Degree Program
Joint Sino-French Advanced Master Program in Environmental Management
Tsinghua-Venice International University Sustainable Development Exchange Project
Regional Environment and Sustainable Development Certificate Program among China, Japan, and South Korea (RESD)

International Training Programs

Tsinghua – DTU Urban Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection Training Program Yale-Tsinghua Environment and Sustainable Development Leadership Program (ESDLP)
Tsinghua-Veolia Environment and Urban Management Advanced Program (EUMAP)

Joint Research with Top Universities

Tsinghua-Penn State:Microbial fuel cell
Tsinghua-Columbia:Air pollution and public health
Tsinghua-RWTH Aachen:Wastewater treatment
Tsinghua-Kyoto:Urban environment protection
Tsinghua-Seoul:Water resources management
Tsinghua-Exeter:Drinking water safety

Joint Research Centers with Enterprises

Tsinghua-Toyota Joint Research Center
Tsinghua-Veolia Advanced Environmental Technology Joint Research Center
Tsinghua-Hach Water Quality Monitoring Research Center
Tsinghua-SUEZ Environmental S&E Teaching Laboratory

Collaboration with International Organizations

Asian Development Bank Lecture Series on Environment and Development